How To Entertain Important Corporate Clients: A Guide For Newbies

Anyone that runs a business will no doubt have a few select clients. Those customers are usually the ones that offer lucrative contracts. As such, they will get treated like royalty in some ways. While it’s crucial to take care of all customers, the “key accounts” are just a bit more important to you.

There will be times where you need to entertain such clients when you meet up with them. No, that doesn’t mean putting on a costume and telling silly jokes! The thing about corporate clients is they want to build a relationship with you. They need to know they are working with someone dependable and a firm they can trust.

Entertaining corporate clients is a way of getting to know them better without formalities. It’s also your chance of learning how best to serve them in the future. But, for the most part, corporate entertainment is about everyone enjoying themselves!



If you have never entertained key account customers before, don’t panic! Today’s handy guide will tell you a bit more about the process and what you need to do.

You don’t always have to be lavish

Some people assume that they must spare no expense at entertaining their corporate clients. The thing is; that’s not always needed! At the same time, you mustn’t skimp and treat them to a burger at a fast-food joint!

It’s important you choose the right venue for your event. For instance, Goldmills Productions can help you select one based on your client’s likes. Here are a few examples of good venues:

  • Does your client enjoy a round of golf? Book a decent golf course;
  • Is your customer female? Perhaps a spa day might be a good idea;
  • Corporate clients that are keen sports fans may enjoy spending the evening at a game.

The primary goal of corporate entertainment is to get to know your clients better. It’s crucial that the environment this happens in is enjoyable.

Make sure you’re on a level playing field

Sometimes it can be hard to choose the “right” venue for corporate entertainment. The last thing you want is to make them feel you are superior to them! You want to meet and be on a level playing field.

At the same time, you don’t want to feel inferior even though you want to “treat them like royalty”! As they are long-standing clients, you should have an idea of what interests them.

Don’t go overboard with your spending. Why? Because they may feel you are not prudent with your funds. As weird as it seems, that can put them off spending money with your company in the future!

What to do with potential new clients

Sometimes you may want to land a new customer that could spend lots of money with you! If that’s the case, you’ll not know what they like or dislike.

In those situations, consider a “safe” option like a meal at a good restaurant. It’s worth tailoring the restaurant to the rank of the person in the company. In other words, don’t go to an exclusive restaurant with a buyer. That’s something more appropriate for a CEO!