How To Keep Your Team Motivated As A Large Business

As businesses grow, there can be a slight disconnect between you and your employees compared to when you were part of a smaller, tight-knit community. With this in mind, you may be searching for ways in which you can reignite that positive, unified mentality and keep your team dedicated and driven. Here we’ve listed some of our best tips for keeping your team motivated as your company grows in size.

Respect, Honesty And Transparency

The most important thing to consider when being a business owner is to ensure you act like a leader as opposed to a boss. A boss may be able to delegate tasks and get the job done, but the quality of work from employees could slip, especially if you become detached from them on a personal level. Instead of being dictatorial, consider leading your team instead and treating them with respect. Another way of developing that positive working relationship is to be open and honest with your team. Having a level of transparency with your employees when it comes to salaries, business endeavours and issues that your company is experiencing is a great way to keep everyone dedicated to the business.

Enact Bonus And Perk Schemes

You may think that paying your team well is the best way to keep their motivation and dedication high, but today there needs to be more incentives for your employees to stay with you. It’s important for you to think about ways in which you can keep your team happy and compelled to work hard. To do this, think about giving them more things to work towards other than their normal deadlines like a bonus scheme, or you could offer other perks like a salary sacrifice car scheme such as Pink Salary Exchange where your employees can take on a contract for a new or used car and those payments will be deducted from their gross salary. Because of this, it also helps to reduce the amount of tax they pay per month serving as an extra incentive.

Offer Flexible Working Opportunities

The way in which we work has changed dramatically in recent years, especially following the pandemic. Flexible working has become very popular among businesses and benefits employees greatly. Allowing your team to work from home or to choose their working hours can help to keep your company competitive and prevent your employees from leaving for greener pastures.

Create A Pleasant And Fun Atmosphere

If your team is working in the office, it’s essential that you make the place enjoyable and aesthetically appealing. There’s nothing worse than having to go to the office only to be faced with a gloomy, unpleasant space. Not only should you consider decorating your workspace and making it more pleasing on the eye, but you should also think about refreshing your technology and other office equipment like desks and chairs to make sure your employees are as comfortable and happy as possible. You could also treat your team to nights out and company meals, to help them bond and forge more positive working relationships.