How to plan your retirement

Having a solid plan for the future is very important. Often and willingly, you get lost in the frenzy of life and you forget to build a solid foundation to be able to live peacefully when you stop working. That’s what retirement planning is for. It is a long-term savings scheme which has been designed to provide you with an income to live on when you stop working. These days, people have a wide choice regarding the types of plans available. As a matter of fact, you can choose among many kinds of retirement plans intended to grant you a monthly income which will become available for you when you reach your retirement age, which in the UK is currently set at 55 years old. By opening a pension scheme, you won’t be able to access your money before that time: this way you’ll be saved from the temptation to withdraw before you stop working and a considerable amount will be granted to you. When you open a pension fund, you will monthly deposit a fixed amount in order to help you build a more solid future. The government will contribute as well through tax relief. Of course, there are pension schemes designed for independent workers as well. Another option you have, is to put your money in an ISA, which is an Individual Savings Account specifically designed to save and invest money in a tax efficient way. Nowadays you can also find the best isa rates for over 60s online. The choice of the type of account to open is entirely up to you. If you do not know what type of fund to open, you can also request the help of a financial advisor, who will help you make the best decisions for your economic situation and to build an economically stable future.

How to plan your pension income

Let’s have a closer look on how the pensions schemes available in the UK work. When you add money to a retirement fund, you are basically investing it in a variety of assets such as stocks, bonds, etc. That’s might be a good way to give your capital a chance to grow. However, you should always keep in mind that any investment involves risk and at the end of the day you might also end up getting less than you invested. Also, you should never forget that you’ll be able to access your money once you reach the retirement age. In the UK, it is currently set at 55 years old for all schemes except for the State pension, which will give you free access to your money when you reach the age of 66.

Why it is important to identify your goals

Once chosen the best scheme for your financial situation, it is really important to start planning your future. When putting money in a pension fund you are basically investing on your own future. That’s why the very first step in the process is to identify your life and economic goals. By understanding what your ambitions are for your life when you stop working, it will be easier to set a solid and strong plan able to provide you with an income and to grant you the life you always wanted. In order to do that, you will just have to ask yourself a few questions. For instance: will you want to live in the same house when you stop working? Will I want to move to another country? Will my children and nephews need my financial help? By answering these questions, it will be easier to build a good plan for you and your family.