How to Safely and Easily Boost your Instagram Followers & Likes Tally

By posting videos and pictures of yourself and other things around you, Instagram encourages you to explore and show off to others what it is like around you. It is the best way to share pictures and videos of people who are living in your community with the community. The primary benefits of Instagram followers are:

·         Discovering new brands and products to buy

·         A deeper understanding of trends

·         Experiencing new trends in real time

·         A beautiful, uncluttered lifestyle

·         An honest, fun brand experience

·         Sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it is like to travel the world

·         Being inspired by a global community of creative individuals

It basically comes down to a very specific type of brand-building; followers and connections checking each others’ Instagram accounts to see the brands they interact with in action, via physical deployment of the products and services those brands offer.


GetInsta is a freely available app with which Instagram users can get real Instagram followers & likes, for free.

It provides a safe system to bring together real Instagram users in one place and get them to follow and like each other’s accounts. There’s no need to spend any money as everyone can accumulate free coins by simply following other users and/or liking their posts. The coins can then be used to get unlimited free Instagram followers or likes for your own posts and Instagram accounts.

All users are real Instagram users with real accounts, which means you can rest-assured the followers and likes you’ll get are from active and real Instagram accounts only. That’s the all-important element of the platform which makes it 100% safe, secure and legitimate.

How to get free Instagram followers with GetInsta

Step 1: Download the GetInsta (It’s a safe download that gives no warnings about “unknown publishers and the like”). Install it on your Android mobile device.

Step 2: Create your account on the GetInsta app and then proceed to log-in with your credentials. You’ll instantly get some coins upon logging in for the first time, simply for signing up. That means you can buy followers and likes immediately.

Step 3: Add one or more of your Instagram accounts to get going.

Step 4: Choose the Instagram account you want to build up a following for, selecting the appropriate task of getting followers or likes. The account will instantly start getting free Instagram followers. the progress on which  you can check from the task list.

What about Windows users?

Although Instagram appears to have been developed using “mobile first” design principles, many users prefer to use their full-sized computers to access the media sharing platform. GetInsta is and Instagram followers app that’s also available for use in this way, so you can get free followers and likes via your machine running Windows.

·         Download GetInsta to be installed on your Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista/XP machine. Again, no “unknown publisher” messages to have to contend with, so you know it’s a safe installation.

·         Register for an account and login with your account details. When logged in for the first time, you’ll earn some instant coins, which can be used to buy followers and likes.

·         Add your Instagram account(s) to get started.

·         Like others’ posts to earn some coins. With the coins you earn, you can then get unlimited free Instagram followers or likes for your own accounts and posts.

·         To publish a follower or a like task, click on “Get Followers” or “Get Likes” (on the left).

Your account immediately start receiving free Instagram likes and followers.

Whether you’re comfortable using Windows or the same mobile device you likely use Instagram with, growing your account through the safe acquisition of more real followers and likes, for free, is as easy as using GetInsta.