How you can find the right health and safety job in a testing employment market

Employment is a distant goal for many in the health and safety market at the moment, however, the central role safety management plays in many organizations and the specialization required to fulfill the role means it is likely to be an in-demand industry when the market picks up in the future. If you are health and safety professional that has recently found yourself without a job, this article breaks down some of the steps you can follow to try and get yourself well prepared for employment in the future.

  • Health and safety jobs require demonstrated skills and experience

Health and safety jobs play an important part in preventing accidents and legal cases. With the ever-changing marketplace combined with the introduction of new technologies, those hired need to demonstrate the relevant skills in the role.

They would need to know all the correct procedures to take in the event of a spill or accident. They would need to be aware of safety equipment needs, such as those provided by Storemasta Australia and dictate how much is needed and where it is placed.

Health and safety officers should also have behavioural safety skills or demonstrated experience within a certain industry to give themselves the best possible chance of securing the best health and safety jobs.

  • Health and safety isn’t limited to manufacturing and production

When many people think of health and safety jobs they think of large industrial areas filled with machines. However there are many applications of health and safety in many different industries. For example, restaurants and retail often need professionals with knowledge of Essential Food Hygiene practices to ensure they are handling food safely. Even offices require health and safety inspectors to ensure the environment is safe for working and to prevent accidents.

Health and Safety has applications everywhere and so long as you have the necessary and transferrable skills then you can succeed in any area.

  • The health and safety industry is looking for young energetic professionals

a key issue that has been raised at a lot of different health and safety conferences is the lack of diversity in the industry both in terms of age and gender. This could work to your advantage. Show in your CV that you are full of energy and enthusiasm for the role and it could lead to a higher number of return phone calls that could lead to you getting the job.

  • Take time to update your CV with your skills to boost your confidence and career

With the current stillness that many are experiencing as the UK shuts down, now could be the perfect time to update your CV if you have been recently made redundant. Drawing up a list of your skills and experiencing can be a good way to boost your confidence if you are wondering where you are at in your career path. Having a CV ready to go will also increase the number of health and safety jobs you can apply to.

  • Keep an eye out for the right fit health and safety job for you

Whilst now may seem like a time where you need to throw caution to the wind and get any health and safety job that will provide an income, it could lead to unhappiness further down the line. Therefore, we recommend holding out for the right health and safety role in an industry that you can provide real value to.

Use online tools to increase your search for the best health and safety job

Gone are the days when recruiters and head-hunters had total control over the health and safety job market. Online tools and sites now exist which break down the different health and safety jobs currently being advertised based on your preferences such as location, job role and salary. We recommend starting your search with these online tools to kick off the search for your next health and safety job.