Importance of Establishing a Good Relationship with a Courier Company


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When it comes to trading internationally your relationship with your chosen courier company is crucial to your success. Managing a large scale international operation puts a lot of pressure on your business and can be detrimental to your overall success if it goes wrong. Here’s why you should establish a good relationship with your delivery company to best benefit your business:


International trade is harder to manage overseas than domestic deliveries and is at risk to several potential risks. Often if you’re trading internationally, your client will be a pretty big name that you will want to impress or, you sell a product that is in high demand internationally. The quality of the service offered by your delivery company is intrinsic with your company reputation so it’s absolutely essential that you get it right. If you establish a good reputation with your freight forwarder services, international or regional, any mishaps can easily be rectified and the company will be more likely to want to take special care with your packages, giving customers a good impression of your business.

Negotiate on price

International deliveries are notoriously pricey. Establishing a good relationship with a Courier service means you might be able to negotiate cheaper pricing and reduce costs. Once a delivery company has you on their records as a reliable customer, they’ll be more likely to consider negotiating deals and prices with you. With different companies offering different rates to locations around the world, establishing a good reputation and relationship with your courier means you have more power to negotiate.

Ensure perfect timing


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One thing you need to be sure of when trading internationally is that your parcels arrive on time. Working with a delivery company who can guarantee you next day delivery internationally is a huge bonus and will help you out when securing those hard to get contracts. A good relationship with your courier service means you’re more likely to be able to send things through at the last minute or increase the volume of what you’re shipping. A service like the one offered by InXpress is really comprehensive and, due to their contacts with all the top delivery companies, means they can source the perfect courier for you dependant on the individual demands of your order.

By establishing a good relationship with your courier service, growing and expanding your business will be much easier than without. A working business relationship with a reliable courier that you can trust means that you’ll be able to reach more clients and expand your business even further with ease.