Interesting Casino Industry Careers

It’s no secret that most people are stuck in dead-end jobs they really never thought they’d ever be doing and really don’t like. Some industries like the casino industry offer some exciting career prospects though, and here’s a few for you to consider if you’d love to have a dynamic and exciting career.



No two days in the life of a casino concierge are ever the same! Of course I am talking about those concierges who are allocated to making sure the so-called casino whales are kept happy and engaged and yes, casino whales actually do exist. From running around making sure the guest is completely happy to even organising some special if not outright bizarre requests, the life of a casino whale concierge makes for a truly interesting career in the casino industry.

Professional Gambler

It all starts with something as seemingly unassuming as making the resolution to play free slots, no download at 777spin slot, a daily ritual of a seasoned professional gambler who has figured out that it’s not so much about taking chances but more about developing a betting methodology that periodically pays them enough to be considered a professional career. Yes, becoming a professional gambler is perhaps just one decision away!

Casino Floor Management

Another interesting casino industry career which presents different challenges every single day, from liaising with the casino security personnel and management to pulling out all stops to fill all the casino slots machine chairs, the life of a casino floor manager can be as hectic as it is interesting. It isn’t really something you can go to school and study for however. You sort of have to work your way up the casino industry ranks in order to come in for consideration to eventually become a floor manager.

Casino Security

The most effective casino security is hidden in plain view and while it really isn’t like what you see on TV (beefcakes waiting to rough up casino cheaters), it very well can be. More brains than brawn go into operating as part of a casino security team though, but it definitely makes for an extremely interesting career. You’ll be surprised at what these folks are called upon to do, particularly with regards to combating some seriously creative casino cheats.


For those who’ve chosen the Actuarial Sciences as their field of study, everything you learned will otherwise be wasted if you don’t enter the casino and gambling industry at large with your number-crunching expertise. Crunching numbers in the casino and gambling industry will provide you with a proper challenge, but it’s a lot of fun as well. Your key duties will entail tasks like analysing the odds of all the different types of games offered by the establishment you’re working for and perhaps even helping with the designing new games.