Is Your Corporate Uniform Affecting Your Employee’s Mood

We’ve all heard about power dressing when a set of shoulder pads can make someone feel as though they rule the world. It, therefore, stands to reason that the other things that wear are likely to affect how we feel.

Whilst we might think about this in our private lives, it can be easy to forget how a uniform might impact mood too. If your employees wear a uniform, then now is the time to think about whether your corporate uniform is affecting how they feel and how to improve it to help get the best for everyone.

1.      Colours

It is a scientific fact that certain colours can help to boost the mood. Each colour has its own meaning, and so incorporating the right one into your uniform will make a difference to how the people who wear it feel. For example, yellow tends to invoke feelings of happiness, blue encourages trust and safety, and black emphasises control.

That means that giving some thought to the colours that you use can change the feeling within your business. Whether you want to liven things up or create a more serious atmosphere you can do it easily with a change of atmosphere.

2.      Fabrics

As human beings, we are sensory creatures and so the fabric that you use makes as much difference as the look of a uniform. Some fabrics are necessary from a practical point of view, but it is also worth remembering that materials such as cotton and wool can create a carefree and relaxed attitude, whilst soothing fabrics such as silk can raise the spirits.

You also need to think about how breathable and comfortable a fabric feels against the skin, as this will change how staff feel throughout the day, and how productive they are able to be; after all, no-one wants to feel hot and sticky while they are trying to work.

3.      Team spirit

When everyone wears the same thing, it can help to create a sense of togetherness amongst staff. A good uniform can link everyone together and make the group feel more like a team. It is also great for brand recognition and being proud to be part of your business will also make a difference to how your employees feel when they are wearing your uniform.

4.      Embellishments

It can be easy to stick to making uniforms plain but adding a pattern or print can make a difference too. Animal prints can exude a sense of fun, whilst embellishments such as beads or sequins can boost a sense of enthusiasm. These can allow for different colours to be incorporated and make your uniform feel much more unique.

5.      Safety

One function of a uniform is to protect your employees from what they are dealing with and the weather conditions. If you have provided a uniform that achieves this, your staff are more likely to feel safe and secure when they work for you. This can help to develop a sense of loyalty to the business and means that your employees are in a better position to do their work to the best of their abilities without being held back by a sense of caution.

A uniform is important for everyone within the business, but it is important to give some thought to how it makes people feel as well as how they look. If people feel happy with what they wear, they are more likely to enjoy what they do. A few simple changes can completely alter the mood of your team, to make it a happier and more productive place to work.

Author Bio

Ross Crayton is the Managing Director of Core Workwear who specialise in personalised and embroidered workwear.