Key tips to remember when matching cufflinks to your printed ties and outfit

We are not all blessed with the ability to perfectly match the pieces of our outfits; however, there are a few key rules to live by when it comes to coordinating your formal outfits. Well-matched cufflinks and printed ties will make you stand out from the crowd.

Match the level of subtlety of the cufflinks and Printed ties

This tip is easy to follow. If you are wearing a more reserved printed tie try and pair it with some subtle cufflinks. Monochromatic ties will go well with some understated brushed steel cufflinks. Try not to wear a novelty or bright cufflink if you are going to a formal event like a funeral.

Know when to wear cufflinks and when to wear a tie

A well-selected pair of cufflinks can add a new and interesting dimension to your outfit, yet they are certainly reserved for more formal occasions. For business attire, you can get away with being more expressive in your cufflinks.

Any white or black tie events will require some suitable subtle cufflinks. Stick to ones with a minimal design in more reserved colours and metals. For the ultra-formal white tie events, enamel or pearl cufflinks paired with a silk printed bow tie will help you stand out from the sea of tuxedos.

Know the Dress code for weddings

Weddings can be a tricky event to plan your outfit for as the dress code will vary. Always have a look at your save the date or invitation to see if the wedding party have indicated the dress code. If they have advertised it as ‘casual’ you may want to go for some more subtle cufflinks or leave them out altogether.

The great thing about weddings is you can be experimental in your colour choices. A bright paisley or checked printed tie is perfectly acceptable and will help you to stand out. If it is advertised as a more ‘formal’ affair then you can try matching some flamboyant gold cufflinks with an equally flamboyant printed tie.

Find a supplier of well-made cufflinks and printed ties for your business

Not all ties are created equal, and there are plenty of different styles of ties that are better for certain occasions over others. However, the right printed tie paired with a refined pair of cufflinks will ensure consistency and style across your outfit.