Kick-start Your Career in the Hotel Industry


Peter Harrison

There are hundreds of different jobs in the tourism and hospitality industry, and many of them are in hotels. From housekeepers to managers, there are lots of people that make a hotel run smoothly from day to day. If you want to start a career in hotels, there are lots of ways you can start off. Some people choose to go to university, perhaps for a management course while others start from the bottom and work their way up. A job in a hotel can be very rewarding whether you’re a receptionist, a concierge or a manager. Have a look at these tips to help you move into one of the various areas of work in the hotel industry.

Management Education

You don’t need to have a degree to get a job in a hotel, but it will certainly help you start further up the ladder. If you want to get a management job, you’ll need the requisite qualifications or experience. You might have experience as a manager elsewhere, in which case a degree might not be necessary. But many employers like to see that you have accurate knowledge of hospitality, and an excellent way to gain this is through your education. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bachelor’s degree; some people complete a diploma or similar qualification.

Management Types

There are several different divisions within a hotel, depending on the services they offer. You could be general manager, or you could be working on food and beverages, housekeeping, conferencing and leisure. You should consider these elements of the hotel to decide what you want to do, as they all require different skills. The executive housekeeper will be in charge of a team of staff. They oversee the housekeeping to make sure everything is of consistent quality, from hotel duvet covers to clean bathrooms. Banquet and conferencing managers should be social and organised to help them put on events. You should especially consider which area appeals to you if you want to start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up. It will be of credit to you if you know the hotel’s systems inside and out before you apply for a higher position.

Getting a Job without Hospitality Qualifications

There are plenty of roles that you can apply for without any higher education in hotel management. For example, you can work as a housekeeper, help out in the kitchen or restaurant or even work as a receptionist. Once you begin working somewhere, it may be possible to move through the ranks at the hotel. You could be offered on-the-job training and have the chance to apply for internal positions when they become available. But some employers might want to see you get further qualifications before they’re willing to offer you a promotion.

The hotel industry is a diverse and exciting working environment. From boutique properties and 5-star luxury to large budget chains, there is a broad variety of places you can work. Start looking into career options today if you think hotels are for you.