Legally Rich: Best Ways to Grow Income in 2015

Money makes the web go round. The Internet has become a world stage and if Bill Shakespeare were alive today, he would probably say something like ”the whole net’s a stage and we are merely clickers”. We hang out on the Internet, we chat here, and we buy things and book our flights and hotels through this global network. And since there are so many services and websites in the world (about 300,000,000), there must be a chance to earn some money online, as well. So, let’s see what jobs can make your rich in 2015.

Lowest investment – do what you already know

The Internet is very interesting because it has launched an unprecedented tsunami of free learning and teaching. People who have decades or experience can actually make more money online by giving advice and sharing their knowledge with the online community than they earn at their current workplace. Although foreign languages can cause some difficulties, the solution is very simple – address your country and your people. For example, cooks with years of experience can launch a blog or a website and give their favorite or secret recipes. Where is the money, you may ask? Well, in the ads that you will have on your site. In addition to that, you can also introduce an option of donating money if your subscribers and followers found your skills and tutorials useful. And if you are really good at what you are doing, they will not miss to tip you. Always enrich your online teaching with practical videos and photos. Any profession in the world can be launched to online tutoring, teaching and that way earn a fair amount of money.

Business mediators

Being one of the buzzwords in the last few years, online outsourcing is a well-developed web service. This concept means that companies or individuals that cannot do a task or a project on their own decide to hire a professional service for that purpose. Many job-seeking sites on the Internet do the same thing. They connect service seekers with service providers. They earn from the profit margin. You could launch a website that would mediate between people who need assistance and the ones who want to offer it. After a while, your site could start making money not only from charging the mediating, but also from other commercial gains, such as ads.

Buying and selling



The Internet can actually be perceived as a gigantic global virtual flea market. Hundreds of millions of people are trying to sell their services, skills and products and hundreds of millions of other people are trying to buy them. The only advantage is that everything can be done from your armchair.


One of the riskiest but most interesting online buy&sell combinations is definitely trading stocks. The point is that you buy them when the price is lower and sell them when the price rises. Sounds easy, right? Not really. The problem is that there are many cons that artificially pump the price and create hype on stocks, especially penny stocks. When people start buying, the hysteria wanes and the stocks fall back to their real worth. The gullible ones lose money and the cons win it. However, if you can control your gambling potential, you should accept the millionaire challenge and try to get your share of stocks.