Making a Success out of Your Remote Business Venture

With so many businesses realising great growth and success by allowing more and more of their staff to enjoy the flexibility of working remotely, it’s no wonder that many more new start-ups completely by-pass the traditional way of getting into business and go fully remote from the onset. If you’re looking to get up-and-running with your own remote business venture then you need to follow a simple yet powerful approach to give yourself the best chance of ensuring growth, longevity, resilience, and success.

Establish your team first

One of the best things about being able to work with a remote workforce is that it’s a norm to pay by the hour, so even if you have a list of freelancers or contractors on your books, if there is no work for them to complete you won’t be paying for any such idle time. So establish your team first, perhaps by just calling for applicants and gauging their skills in addition to feeling them out as far as their availability goes.

Finding your clients

You might have chosen to start your remote operation as a result of first having identified a gap in the market and perhaps you might have even already found clients, but the natural progression is first establishing your team and then going out to find clients, because you never want to find yourself in a position that has you not being able to deliver on some lucrative contracts you might have been awarded. The ability to source the work you will be paying your remote workforce for is what sets successful remote up-starts apart from those which go on to fail.

Professionalising your remote workforce

Once you have established that the “machine” works, comprised out of the two parts of a stream of clients and a remote team to complete the work which will be coming in, it’s time to professionalise your operation with regards to regulatory compliance issues such as how you handle your taxes, how you manage your organisation’s DSE online training, how you handle payroll matters, legal matters, etc. After all, you might be running your business operation remotely, but a certain level of professionalism would still need to be maintained, both from the point of view of compliance and that of ensuring you can keep landing business to report satisfactory profits.