Market Yourself with SEO

Online culture is changing everything we know about everything. In terms of starting a business and marketing yourself, what worked ten years ago may well be ineffectual today. One of the most significant changes has come from how clients discover new information. Going back 20 years, if you needed to promote yourself and your business, you would want to run a marketing campaign that would aim to make you the name clients thought of they needed your skills. 

Obviously, the internet changed that. That said, going back ten years would see you in a world where the internet now widely used, yet budding entrepreneurs would still use similar marketing tactics that focused on creating named brand recognition. Even with the rise of Google, people were still cautious about using random websites and would often be searching for specific brands and people that they trusted or had been recommended. 

By 2020 that has all changed, clients will now trust that using a search engine like Google will deliver the best results and with that change Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may be the essential thing to consider when marketing for your website. If you make the most out of SEO, you will see a noticeable increase in traffic and engagement to your website as you begin to increase your website’s ranking and its visibility along with it. For a more comprehensive breakdown of SEO in 2020 you can look at

Beginning to Learn and understand SEO is not an easy task. Even just a few mistakes in how you tag keywords on your site can lead to a dramatic decrease in the effectiveness of SEO. You can try and teach yourself, but it will take time to understand fully. Fortunately, there are websites set up for helping others get the most out of SEO. Sites like and others offer guidance in getting the best results out of SEO and are a great way to save time and effort if your attention is needed elsewhere.  

You may be asking yourself if you need to bother with SEO. Maybe your website or business is doing well running as it is. While that may be true, the fact is it would more than likely do even better if you embraced SEO. If you still need more convincing, then check out’s article ‘Five Reasons For SEO’.  

Hopefully, you are starting to understand the importance of using SEO to market yourself, your website and your business effectively. The final thing worth mentioning is that to begin taking advantage of SEO, you will need a useful and engaging website. If you need any help on exactly how to build such a website, then you can use our ‘How to Build a Website’ guide to steer you in the right direction. SEO may seem confusing, but it is the key to success, and you owe to yourself and your business to invest in it, and when you do, you will soon reap the benefits!