Old School Advertising Methods For Your Startup

We live in such a virtual age these days. The internet has become a global behemoth, and almost everything runs online these days. Because of the internet it’s become possible now to do business without ever having to interact with someone. But this may not always be a good thing. And there is a time and a place for the more tangible forms of business advertising such as the ones listed below.

You need to prepare yourself and your business when you’re starting out and considering advertising methods is a great way of doing that.


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It might seem unfashionable these days, but turn on a radio station, and you will hear adverts. Radio might be a more powerful form of advertising than you thought. The beauty of radio is that it’s all verbal and as such people sometimes absorb it better. Listeners listen with more intent to radio because they have no images to distract them. If you can come up with a catchy and memorable jingle and tagline people will remember it. Think of all the radio adverts you can remember, they’ll always be ones with catchy jingles.


One of the more underrated forms of business advertising these days is business signs. It’s strange because people often overlook the importance of signs. But almost every business will have one of some kind. Signs are what help to give your business identity and character. They are what people use to identify and remember your business. Think about the biggest and most well-known businesses and brands in the world. I bet you would be able to identify each one of them based solely on their signs. This is the visual power of signs. Branding is so important to a business and signs are a key component of branding.


Give some serious thought to advertising in newspapers, both local and national. Of course, national will be more expensive, but you’ll also reach a larger audience. Bear in mind the number of newspapers that get sold and read in the UK alone each day. This is an audience that you can target. Many business will not think to use newspapers to advertise, so you give yourself an advantage by doing so. A newspaper advertisement looks classy and attracts attention from the right sort of people.


You must never underestimate the power of television. It’s one of the most powerful mediums in the world. Television adverts can generate millions and even billions for a business. Television advertising will be more expensive than other forms of advertising. But the expense is worthwhile. You can reach the largest group of potential clients through television advertising. Do your research though and find out what the process is. Also, if you can afford it try to get your advert on during a popular programme. This will increase the number of viewers watching, and your advert will be seen by the most number of people possible.

Cold Calling

One of the most old school methods of advertising your business is cold calling. This is where you phone up businesses or individuals and offer them your services over the phone. There has long been a debate over the effectiveness of cold calling as a marketing tool. As an extra method of advertising, it’s fine, but you shouldn’t rely on it as your sole means of advertising. You need to bear in mind as well that some people don’t take too kindly to cold calling. You may get a lot of knock backs, but it’s likely you’ll have some success eventually.