Online Marketing: Potential Employment Hub for People

It is no news anymore that the world has become a global village. Many activities that before now could only take place in a physical setting have moved online. Marketing is one of such activities. With the widespread presence of the internet and mobile devices, it is possible and easy to disseminate information about a brand or product within a short time. This is one significant gain that online marketing has recorded in this era. Although many people have expressed the fear that moving marketing activities online could result in job loss, the opposite is the case. Online marketing creates more jobs for people.

Take, for instance, BritainReviews, a simple website that collects online reviews of companies and shops in the UK, employs at least ten people. Among these are content writers, online marketers, editors, graphics designer, SEO experts, and others. This is likely not going to happen in a traditional in-house marketing setting. At least, there won’t be the need for any SEO expert and possibly a copywriter. So, while it is true that the skills requirement might have changed due to a change in marketing medium, it is not true that the number of jobs available would reduce by it.

Skills Needed for Online Marketing

To better illustrate how online marketing can be an employment hub for people, it is good to consider the various departments and skills required to market online successfully

1.      Social Media Experts

These are individuals who have learned to use multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, and several others to push a campaign to a large number of people. Marketing on platforms like TikTok can be challenging, however, additional tools and resources like those found on TokUpgrade aids these social media experts with their work. Since almost everyone that uses the internet operates at least of this, an online marketing outfit would have to employ someone to handle this.

2.      SEO Expert

To ensure that company websites rank favourably on search engines and easy to find by potential customers, specific keywords must be used. It would be someone’s job to research the prevailing keywords to optimize search engine results

3.      Content Strategist

As an online marketer, you would need to put information about your brand or product online consistently. This is where you need a copywriter or content manager. He or she is responsible for producing unique and quality texts to showcase what you sell.

4.      Web Designer & Developer

You need this person to ensure a user-friendly webpage and design several ad copies of your flyers. If you are lucky, your web developer can agree to be your graphics designer. Otherwise, you would need to hire a graphics designer, too.

5.      Analyst

Market trends change now and then. You cannot continue to employ the same tactic for all situations. But how do you know which tactic is right, what consumers want, and how best to meet their demands, without proper market analysis? It would be tough, if not impossible


The above skills are just the minimum requirements for running online marketing. Large digital firms have more than this. This then implies many job opportunities for qualified people.