Out With the Old and in With the New! When to Sell Your Mobile Phone

Our mobile phones are like our companions. Regardless of materialistic implications, we have come to depend on our cellular phones for our everyday tasks- whether they are for social, work or personal reasons. We need them for communication, information, research, organization and so much more.

Then there comes a time that our current models just do not cut it anymore. Here are a few signs that it’s time to sell your mobile phone, and buy a new one:


1. It randomly shuts off

Whether it shuts off in the middle of a conversation, while doing some research or even just while taking a selfie, it is extremely annoying. Not only does our flow of activity get cut off, but we also have to wait for the device to power on again.

2. You can no longer run your apps

While this applies mostly to games, which is a legitimate concern by itself depending on the user, a lot of office apps now also require more advanced technology to run smoothly. Nobody has the time to wait 10 minutes for a single spreadsheet to load. Sometimes, it won’t even load at all.

3. The memory runs out too quickly

Depending on the phone, this could be remedied by using a memory card- however, older model phones will not be able to handle larger memory cards either. This is especially problematic for those whose professions rely a lot on media, because even if you have a laptop stored away in your bag, nothing is more convenient to get to than whatever is in your pocket.


4. It can no longer keep up with your needs

To wrap up, this is the culmination of some or all of the above. Whether it be in a professional, social or personal setting, we need our phones to work for us and function the way we need it to.

You do not have to think hard to come up with these reasons, however, there are still those who are reluctant to move on without coming face to face with those reasons spelled out for them.

Even being faced with one of these problems is enough reason for you to sell your mobile phone and get a new one. After all, once you sell it, the money will already add to your budget for the new purchase, and you would have saved some cash in the long run, as opposed to if you had let it die in your arms after trying to keep up with your needs.