Finding the Career Path That’s Right For You

You’re asked from the time you can talk all about what you want to be when you grow up. As a child the popular answer might have been a singer, a firefighter, or an astronaut. As you get older, the answer changes based upon the life experience you’ve garnered and the interests you take up. […]

3 Tips On How To Expand Your Courier Business

So you want to cash in on the gold mine that is the courier industry. You have your company set up and now you are looking to expand into new territories, but you’re unsure where to start? Then not to worry all you need to do is read on for some inspiring tips on how […]

Choosing the right office colour for maximum productivity

Why on earth would you waste time looking through colour charts when you’ve got a business to run? Well, believe it or not, the colour of your office walls has an incredible impact on emotions, mood, behaviour and productivity levels, so it’s worth considering a makeover to ensure optimal working conditions are in place. You […]

Inside Alexander Mann – A Look at the Recruitment Business

Recruitment businesses these days exist in their numbers and both employers and prospective employees have a lot of options available to them to have that gap bridged between them. In fact, some recruitment business models are operated exclusively in the online space, naturally taking a little less of a formalised operational structure. With so many […]

Tricks For Improving Your Retail Sales

Retail can be a tough business to be in. While it can be incredibly lucrative, it’s also fickle and difficult to manage. There is a delicate balance between having too much product to offer somebody and not having enough. People like variety, but when faced with too many choices, they often get overwhelmed and sometimes […]

How to reduce employee absence levels

The average UK employee is absent from work for 6.5 days a year. This places an inordinate amount of strain on businesses in terms of the productivity levels, company reputation and, subsequently, financial cost. Genuine sickness is sometimes unavoidable, but many absences can be avoided by promoting a healthier workplace environment, improving working conditions and […]

Ways to Build Your Business Clientele Quickly and Keep it

People build businesses for the purpose of gaining clientele and supplying them with products and services that they either desire or need. Without clientele, there is no money coming in. This is why it’s of the highest importance that business entities have the strategy needed to build their clientele market and be able to build […]

Great Ways to Improve your SME and Get Ahead of the Rest

The UK business world is quite a competitive one and as such if you’re one of the country’s many small to medium enterprises, you need to do all you can to get ahead of the competition. A big reason why many SMEs fail is that they fail to make themselves stand out from the rest, […]

Is Web Development a Good Career Path?

Technology has definitely opened up a variety of new career opportunities, particularly for young people who are planning on attending university and then entering the workforce by getting a well paying job that they will enjoy. One of the most popular paths within the world of technology is web development. But is web development a […]

How can you protect data security when collaborating with R&D partners?

Collaboration with external research and development (R&D) partners is crucial for a whole range of organisations. These days, breakthrough R&D discoveries tend not to come from the work of an individual or small team, but from the pooling of data and knowledge between teams. Often, projects involve input from other labs, sometimes labs based elsewhere […]