Power Your Business for The Future

Did you know that your business could save a significant amount of money simply by being more energy-efficient on your office premises?

Research from the University of Cambridge shows that many businesses are wasting power, and there are easy ways to reduce the amount of energy they use and pay for. For example, a PC monitor that’s left on overnight can waste enough energy to laser print over 500 pages.

Here are five ways that you can save power in your business’s workplace:

  1. Don’t Use Screensavers

There’s a common myth that using a screensaver on your desktop computer is energy-efficient for when a computer isn’t in use. However, many screensavers actually use the same amount of energy as when the screen is in normal use!

The simplest way to save energy is by setting your monitors so that they power down if the user has been inactive for a certain amount of time, e.g. five minutes.

  1. Switch Off at the End of the Day

Make sure your employees understand the importance of switching off their machines and monitors at the end of the day, as well as the office lights.

Research shows that a company with 200 PCs could save around 12,000 a year, simply by turning off all computers and monitors at the end of the working day and at weekends.

  1. Embrace New Technologies

Save money by adopting new technologies that can help you monitor your power usage in the workplace. One of the biggest overhead expenses for an office may be heating and cooling; yes, it is a necessity, but have you got the most cost-effective solution in place?

Adopting technology such as smart thermostats can ensure that your offices are only heated and cooled when necessary, without affecting other rooms. Additionally, you can also invest in an energy-efficient cooling system or get your older system repaired to improve its effectiveness. You could look for Carrier AC repair service (or elsewhere) that may also provide commercial services. A sustainable HVAC system along with a smart thermostat can help you save a lot of bucks and reduce your power usage.

  1. Upgrade Your Power Supply

Compare energy suppliers to find the best and most cost-effective deal for your business. Make sure your electrical products are energy-efficient, including the AC-DC power adaptors for your portable devices, such as laptops.

  1. Go Paperless

By going paperless, your business could save money on the running and maintenance costs of printers, ink and the reams of paper that are used daily. Not only is this energy-efficient, but it can also make your business operations more efficient as electric documents are easier for your employees to access and process.

Follow our five top tips to make your office premises more energy-efficient, helping your business save money in the long term. Making some small changes to your workplace can make a huge difference in how your company saves money by saving on power.