Power Joker 5 Reels Online Review

If you are looking for one of the best slot games of the year, try Power Joker 5 reels slot. It is one of the most popular online slot games of the year and presents the latest offering from Novomatic, one of the top slot game developers. The Power Joker always keeps you on your toes with its cool and whimsical theme. Though the joker theme is not new, the game offers potential to the users.

The game

Power Joker comes with 5 reals and 15 pay lines. The game is marked from left to right. The potential wins of the game go as high as 64,000 pounds. There is a lot of money to be earned in this game if you prove to be lucky enough. You can get even a chance to play double or nothing with your wins. Hence, the more adventurous players will get an adrenaline rush with the kind of options available in this game. Each spin can cost you 0.01 pounds. The maximum bet amount is 2 pounds. The game is available in several safe online casinos, some of which offer generous welcome bonuses to the players.

The design

The new game comes with a beautiful design and a cheerful yellow background. It is like the Power Joker 3 slot game only, but comes with 2 extra reels. This gives you two extra chances to win per spin. The game comes with fruit symbols like watermelons, plums, cherries, and lemon. It also has a bell symbol and big red 7 symbols. This symbol can get you up to 200x the original bet on the game.

The wild symbol of the game is a joker’s face. If you get this joker symbol in any combination, you will get extra points. Two lemon symbols can be made a combination of 3 as the wild symbol works as a substitute. It can become any other symbol in the game when it is a part of a combination.

The game can be played for free or for money. Different casinos offer different types of rewards for the game. The game allows you to play on all 15 play lines at once. There is a turbo button that supercharges your spins too.


The game, surprisingly, doesn’t offer any extra wins, free spins, stacked wilds with multipliers or other special features. The casinos offering the game could be providing you free game plays. Otherwise, the game does not come with any exciting features. Your only chance of an adrenaline rush in this game is getting a big red 7 on all 5 reels for 200x multiplication. It has an auto play option which can spin the reels a selected number of times for you.


Though Power Joker 5 reels is similar to other joker themed or fruit machine themed games, it still offers good value. It was launched in 2017 only and Novomatic consistently updates the game to remove any glitches. Note that glitches can make you lose any wins. So, if you are looking for a comparatively glitch free fruit machine gaming experience, this could be it.