Preparedness is the Key to Success: 5 Tips for Giving an Unforgettable Presentation

There has to be a lot of planning and thought that goes into your presentation if it is going to be a success and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

In just the same way that you would think about how best to use a Qwilr marketing proposal before actually sending the finished document the same rules of engagement apply to prepare yourself so that your presentation is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Here are five key considerations that will help you to deliver an effective presentation.

Give yourself plenty of time

Even a fairly straightforward presentation requires an element of planning if it is going to be faultlessly delivered.

A common mistake is to leave your preparation to the last minute, especially if you are delivering a slightly less formal presentation.

It is far better to give yourself plenty of breathing space before the big day by preparing your content as early as possible and then rehearse your delivery right up to the last minute.

Have a sense of purpose

It is important to work out what it is you want to achieve from your presentation and then use those goals to shape the structure and content of what it is you have to say and show your audience.

Be a clock watcher

You will almost certainly have had to endure a tedious presentation that has gone on far too long and lost its way after what seemed to be a promising start.

The first thing to find out is how long your audience is expecting you to speak for and then build your speech around that strict time limit.

Practice a run through your presentation while on the clock to see whether you need to adjust the content to keep it snappy and hold your audience’s attention rather than having to watch them stifling a yawn or checking their watch.

Treat your presentation as a performance

An actor or entertainer would never step on stage without having their routine finely tuned and rehearsed to such a point that it is engrained in their memory and this is the mindset you want to adopt with your presentation.

It might not be relevant or practical to commit your entire presentation to memory but if you are disciplined enough to put in plenty of practice and have a number of run-throughs you will almost certainly be able to deliver a more confident and relaxed speech and demonstration.

Make sure your tech is sorted

If there is one thing that is going to undo all of your diligence and hard work in preparing for your presentation it is when you suffer a tech failure once you take to the stage.

Arrive in plenty of time at the venue for your presentation so that you can check if the microphone is working fine and the projector is working properly.

Checking that the technology you are relying on is working fine beforehand will help avoid a tricky scenario where the impact of your presentation is lost when the audience can’t hear you or your images won’t load on the screen.

Prepare for your presentation with these top tips and you should be ready to win your audience over with a confident and relaxed delivery.