Promoting Your Brand at Trade Shows

Trade shows are the perfect place for you to show off and promote your brand to a ready-made audience. So how do you get your brand noticed?

Do your homework, create excitement and use the right tactics

Many people who attend a trade show have the power to make a purchase. This is where the opportunity is there for you to target these individuals through reaching out to them. Therefore, around a month before the show, let people know you will be attending. This can be done through social media or on your website. Your aim is to create excitement and get people thinking about your brand.

Find out where your booth or stand will be located and find out who will be nearby and then work with staff to ensure they know how to deal with attendees when talking to them and handing out any promotional materials.

Get your booth or stall right

Spend time thinking about how your stall will look because it will need to stand out. For instance, you could make use of LED Signage Brisbane (or where you can get it easily) because it is the first thing people notice easily, and that’s where you should start. You should position it and set it up in a way that enables you to showcase your products, offer demos and answer questions. You will also need to engage with them and create a good feeling around their experience of dealing with you.

You can also use your booth to show off any awards you have won or even showcase testimonials from previous clients. You can opt for huge trade show displays, banners, and hanging signs enlisting your products and company’s qualities, specialties, etc. You need to be unique, so try and think outside the box by employing advertising techniques such as fabric light boxes that you can spread throughout the event premises.

Promotional goods work

If you want your brand to be remembered then promotional and branded products work a treat. Handing out goody bags to people who have visited your booth will make consumers feel as though they have been rewarded for engaging with your business. Gifting products such as promotional key rings, branded pens and even bespoke chocolates and other personalised confectionery is a sweet treat for customers but also gives them a second opportunity to remember your brand when they check their goody bag during or after the trade show. The thing to remember is that the goods are of a high quality and relevant to your brand, this act of gifting forms a connection between you and potential customers and clients.

Have information ready

You can have all the leaflets and reports you want but your staff will need to be prepared to answer questions. This could be from the press, from bloggers or even prospective clients. Having this information there and ready will prove that you care about what you do but you will have to do more than that. This is because you will need to capture the data from visitors. You can ask them for their business cards or ask for feedback. All of this information will help you to tailor your marketing strategy.

Finally, if you believe there are more people who could visit your stall or booth then you need to get onto social media. Love stream, make some posts and share pictures to try and create even more of a buzz.

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