Qualities And Skills You Need To Become A Successful Estate Agent

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Estate agents have enjoyed a boom over the last few years thanks to the measures taken by the government to stimulate the housing market. The Help To Buy Scheme has proven to be a roaring success and enabled many people to buy a home with only a five-percent deposit. The lenders ask for about twenty-percent, but thanks to the new system the government makes up the difference. Interest rates have not risen for several years now, which also helped the market after the financial crisis that began in 2009.

Estate agents employed extra staff to cope with the demand, and house builders have constructed record numbers of new homes. If you are looking for a career change, do you think you have what it takes to sell houses? Here are the qualities and skills you need to become a successful estate agent.

  1. You must have a pleasant demeanour and be approachable. You need to be bright and friendly, so that you can put the client at ease when you meet with them.
  2. An estate agent must be well spoken. Your accent is unimportant as long as you can speak clearly. The client needs to understand everything you say with ease.
  3. You should have excellent writing skills, with particular focus on grammar. The letters you send out must be look professional to represent the agency at its best. There is no room for basic spelling mistakes or slang.
  4. Many agencies use spreadsheets or databases to handle their housing stock. It helps if you have experience with them. Spreadsheets are probably the most common and the easiest to understand. If you have never used them before, download free office software so you can practice and increase your skills.
  5. Organisational skills are essential. You must arrange your day in the most efficient way to minimise wasted time and maximise productivity.
  6. You should pass your driving test if you are to attend viewings and sell the property to the client. You cannot get to many houses in a day by bus; it isn’t practical.
  7. Do you have excellent sales skills? Maybe you have worked in sales previously and understand how to sell things. You must bring the clients attention to the positive features and advantages of living in the property.
  8. The guys at Alan de Maid branch in Locksbottom told me that experience and customer service skills are more important than formal qualifications. Even if you didn’t pass many exams, you can develop a successful career as an estate agent. It will soon become apparent if you have what it takes when you start work.

Do you think a career as an estate agent is for you? You will meet many interesting people every year and achieve job satisfaction when you match a client up with the right property. If you are successful at selling, you will soon advance to be in charge of the sales team. You never know; one day you could become the proud owner of the company. Then you will need to employ staff. Be kind to them and remember how it felt to be the new member of the office.

Article above provided by Orignative Blog.