Questions to Ask Before Your Company Transitions to a Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid workplaces are becoming more and more common, especially as COVID-19 continues to ravage the United States. A hybrid workplace is any workplace that has some employees working remotely and some working in-office. These workplaces can be extremely effective in some areas, but it’s not effective for all workplaces. Here are five questions to ask to make sure that a hybrid workplace is right for your company.

1. How Many In-Person Employees Does Your Business Need to Operate?

A hybrid workplace is typically best for companies that require some employees on-site, with some employees able to work remotely. A retail space with cashiers and administrative staff, for example, may work well with a hybrid workplace, as the administrative staff can work remotely while the cashiers can work on-site.

2. What Health Concerns Are Happening Around Your Location?

Most companies have started pursuing hybrid workplaces because of COVID-19. In areas where the spread of COVID-19 is much worse, you might want to send more people home to work; in areas with a more controlled spread, you may be able to welcome more people on-site. It’s extremely individualized, so it’s something you’ll need to ask for at every location whether they have professional cleaning services (like The Cleaning Crew and similar others).

3. What Are Your Employees’ Working Preferences?

No matter how much you might want to shift to a hybrid workplace, if the vast majority of your employees are against it, it’s probably a good idea to avoid it unless necessary for their safety. Employees are more likely to work harder when they’re working in a way that they prefer. While you can’t necessarily suit every employee’s preference, taking a survey can at least give you a better idea of what your employees want.

4. How Are You Expecting to Invest Into Your Hybrid Workplace?

Don’t expect that a hybrid workplace will require absolutely no input on your end at all. It’s very likely that your company will need to invest in your hybrid workplace, likely by investing in virtual collaboration tools and video conference software, as well as possibly an internet business phone system. If need be, you can take the help of firms that can take the entire responsibility of the hybrid workplace management of your company. That way you can worry less about the new work structure, arrangements, etc, and can focus on important business matters at hand. Be aware that you’re probably going to have to spend money on your hybrid workplace just like you would any other workplace.

5. How Effective Is Remote Work for Your Company?

Every so often, make sure you’re checking in on the efficacy of your workplace. You’re probably used to doing this for a physical workplace, but likely not a digital one. Though most companies find that remote work is successful, a small amount find it unsuccessful, and if that’s the case for you, it’s important to learn that early on.


A hybrid workplace may be just the option you need for your company, whether just during COVID-19 or permanently. However, it’s important that you only transition to a hybrid workplace if your workplace will thrive with it. When you know the answer to these five questions, you’ll be much more able to understand whether or not your workplace will do well with a hybrid workplace.