Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an Office to Lease in London

If you are looking to operate your business in London, you need to get the best space that will be perfect for your operation. Your location and the office itself will have a huge impact on the success of your company. Here are important questions to ask yourself when choosing the best space to lease for your business in the city.

Is it easily accessible to employees?

The location must be convenient for employees. This will lessen their travel time, thus also giving them more time to enjoy outside work. Employees give importance to their work-life balance and they are more likely to stay with you if they enjoy that.

Is it accessible to prospective clients?

It is also equally important that it will be easy for your target clients to find and reach your office. It might cost you sales if your location is difficult to find or access. Find one that is in close proximity to major roads and public transport. Customers are more likely to pay you a visit if it will not be a hassle for them.

Does it support business growth?

It should not just accommodate your current employees, but it should have enough room for your company’s growth. Your company can grow in the next few years of occupying the space and it will be inconvenient if you need to move to another location because it cannot accommodate more employees or growth in your business. Another drawback to finding a new location is that existing clients and potential ones that already know about your place may already be used to your old space and it’s not a sure thing that they will follow you or search for your new place.

Is it presentable?

The overall look of the place will say a lot about your company. This will affect the perception that customers will have about your business. It should be clean, and it should look professional. Clients are more likely to see you as trustworthy and reliable if your office is presentable. A dirty and unorganised office will give the impression that you are unprofessional, and you don’t know how to properly handle things. They might have second thoughts about doing business with you.

Does it have ample parking space?

Your employees and customers may drive cars and it will add convenience if there is enough parking space at your premises for them to park their vehicles. This will give them peace of mind knowing their cars are safe.

What are the costs?

Determine not only the lease rate but all the costs that you need to pay, including your electricity and water bills. You may want to compare business water suppliers as well as electricity suppliers before deciding on one. This is to ensure that the total price that you spend on the lease will be within your budget.

Is it near competitors?

It is not a good idea to get a space that has several competitors around. Clients are more likely to notice and choose you if there is little competition in the area.

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