Refreshing Your Working Environment to Re-Ignite Productivity

Remember that first burst of energy you had when you first put together your working space, whether it’s a home office or one which you personalise having been allocated to you at work? You were ready to knuckle right down and get things done…

That spirit of maintaining high productivity can fade very quickly, but often it’s a gradual process. What you’ll often find ends up happening is that you waste lots of time in the office allocating some of your attention to the most frivolous tasks, like compulsively re-organizing everything and tidying up the workspace.

Re-organising and tidying up the working space can be a great way to boost productivity. After all, a cluttered, smelly, and unhygienic office might not be a great place to work in. This could pose health risks and also make employees feel less valued in regard to their wellness. Needless to say, office cleaning should not be treated as a festival that only lasts for a few days. It should be an everyday chore, for which employers should proactively hire individuals similar to Red Deer janitorial service providers. Janitors conduct daily cleaning activities to maintain the office’s appearance and hygiene.

However, for those who need special deep cleaning services for workspaces for just a day, perhaps because the office would host International clients or something similar, then the employers might need to look for office cleaning companies that offer commercial cleaning for the day. It may also be necessary to ensure that you have enough cleaning supplies in order to complete the work as soon as possible (if interested, click here to find out more about “trade cleaning supplies near me“).

What you need to do is facilitate a major #OfficeSpringClean – we’re talking here about the mother of all office spring cleans so that you never have to fiddle around trying to get everything in order over the next few weeks and perhaps even the next few months. It all begins with shopfitting cleaning from Real Cleaning, who will take care of the big, deep cleaning tasks and expose the soul of your workspace. You know that new-car smell you get when your car has been taken to the car-wash for a deep cleanse? Well, this is the office space equivalent, the effects of which make for an instant daily boost to your productivity.

While you’re already on the task of getting everything cleaned, why not improve the air conditioning inside as well? You won’t then have people complaining of dusty air or sneezing 10 times because of allergies. Look for Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in the vicinity of Concord (or at your office location) to first get a proper inspection of your office’s indoor air quality. Then seek out ways to improve it, such as changing out the HVAC filters or getting air purifiers installed. One of the best things to do would be to add a few indoor plants which can really help with air purification.

Once the big boys have handled the big cleaning task, complete the equation by re-organising your workstation and tidying it up once and for all. De-clutter where necessary and every time you’re done working, put things back in their place so that next time you sit down to work there is nothing crying out for you to sort out and keep you from getting on with your work.

Top things off with the introduction of some flora, but make sure to include only low-maintenance plants, because the last thing you want is yet another activity to have to engage in and have that keeping you away from the work you need to complete.