Setting Up A Taxi Firm As A Viable Business Opportunity

There are many types of business that the modern entrepreneur can enter into, and while the Internet may appeal to a large portion, there are still some offline opportunities that could enable you to give up your day job and run your own business. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that setting up your own business means fewer hours or less stress. With careful planning, preparation, and business sense, though, you could make a success of running a taxi business.


Flexibility is important to running a taxi firm. It is highly likely that you will have to put in some unsociable and potentially long hours, especially when you are starting out. You will need to build a reputation and develop your brand before you can take on what might be considered more mainstream jobs, and it is likely to prove easier to pick up the fares that others don’t want.

You need to have a good head for finances, or have the tools that will augment your own knowledge. Accountancy software will enable you to track everything from the cost of maintaining your taxi to the amount you spend on petrol, and the amount that you take in fares. Once you start taking on other drivers you will have additional factors to worry about, which could even include employers’ liability insurance and pension funds.

There are a number of financial apps that you can download to your phone or tablet. These even enable you to scan and store details from receipts, and can automatically update your accounting software so that it always has the latest information and so that you don’t forget to do it after you’ve worked a ten hour shift.


Always ensure that your car is well maintained, and try to choose a new or used taxi that best suits the type of fare you will be taking. Taxi runs typically require larger saloons or minibuses so that they can take families and their luggage, while accessibility is important to those firms that want to appeal to disabled passengers and those with restricted mobility. Also consider fuel economy, comfort and luxury levels, and whether the vehicle has a good quality satnav as standard.

Obviously, you will have to deal with clients on a regular basis, and if you want your business to be successful then you will want to keep them happy and provide a top service every time. Look for ways in which you can offer something different. Provide discounts for regular customers, try to come to agreements with local businesses and venues so that you can land some regular fares, and always ensure that you have the appropriate licence and insurance for your taxi.