Should You Choose A Job With Flexible Working Hours?

The thing about today’s modern world is that people tend to work longer hours, especially in the UK. In fact, we Brits usually work the longest hours out of most Europeans! As you can imagine, that does no good for people that have spouses and families.

It seems that, these days, our families take second place to our careers. To combat this, more employers are working with their staff to set up flexible working. That means employees can choose the hours they want to work so that they better fit around their personal lives.


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But should you choose a job where flexible working hours are offered? Of course, the answer is yes! Here are some reasons why it makes perfect sense for you and your employer:

It’s the law

Most workers have the right to ask for flexible working hours. If you’re employed by a company and have done so for the past 26 weeks continuously, you have a legal right to apply for flexible working.

In many cases, it’s possible to work from home and still do a full day’s work with hours to suit your needs. That means you can take your kids to school and pick them up. Or you can attend to other errands during the day, all without your workload getting affected.

Technology makes remote working possible

More companies hire people that work from their homes. Examples include telesales and customer service agents, and admin staff. Nearly all of the UK has provision for Internet connections, and nearly all companies will have access to a wan, or Wide-Area Network to help them connect to the relevant servers and networks that will enable them to communicate and share information with others, regardless of their location.

Employers can also use VoIP telephone systems like the Mitel 3300 to route office calls to your home landline or smartphone. You can use a desktop or laptop to go online and connect to your corporate networks. In fact, today’s technology means you can do everything from the comfort of your home! Using computers is always beneficial, but it’s also important that people take safety precautions for their own health. For example, people need to make sure they aren’t exposing themselves to blue light from their computers. To try and avoid blue light, some people might like to visit to purchase some blue light computer glasses. This can ensure that workers keep their eyes safe from blue light exposure.

Your employer can make lots of savings

You might not realise this, but employees cost companies a lot of money! Apart from salaries, there’s sick pay to consider, as well as tax and National Insurance. And then there’s the cost of leasing office space, buying computer equipment and so forth.

More businesses are opening up to the idea of having their staff from work because of the significant cost savings. They can use Internet technology to catch up with what work their employees do. For instance, video conferencing makes it easier to have meetings with many staff. And it means they don’t need to be in one physical location.

It helps you to be more creative

Some employers are oblivious to the fact that they stifle creativity. For instance, they might want you to work in a particular way. Or they might not give you the space to “spread out” your ideas across a large surface area.

When you work from home, and you do so in hours to suit you, it’s possible to be more creative than you were at the office. You also don’t have to deal with distractions from colleagues. That’s because you can work in a room by yourself and “get on” with the task at hand.