Why Shouldn’t You Use Residential Playground Equipment for Your Hotel?

If you’re going to be fitting your hotel with playground equipment, you should never use equipment made for residential rather than commercial purposes. Yes, commercial playgrounds are generally more expensive, but that’s because they need to be. If you try to cut corners and opt for residential play equipment, you could end up looking at serious consequences.

Damage is More Likely

The main difference between residential and commercial play equipment is that only the former will use materials intended for heavy use. Your playground could be used by scores of children each day, so high-grade materials are required, from nuts and bolts to ropes and ladders. Remember that any damage isn’t just going to be expensive to fix – it’s also likely that it will invalidate safety regulations and put children in danger.

Only a Few Children Will Be Accommodated

One thing you’ll notice is that commercial playground equipment is a lot larger than residential equipment. It also tends to offer more activities, meaning that plenty of children can enjoy themselves at once. This isn’t the case when you’re dealing with residential equipment, which is generally designed to be used by only one or two children at once. Your guests are going to be more than a little unhappy if there’s never enough space for all the kids to burn off their energy.

Footing Will Not Be as Secure

Residential playground equipment does not use permanent footings. Instead, a base will extend outwards to keep the structure from moving. That’s problematic since it makes it more likely that the equipment will move around under the heavy use of many children. Additionally, the legs of a protruding base will act as tripping hazards. Commercial equipment will be set into the ground, eliminating these issues.

Your Property Will Not Look as Good

Hotels must protect the appearance of their property when they install playground equipment, and that can be either hard or impossible when you go for residential kinds. The most serious issue is size; the smaller equipment used for individual homes will look unappealingly incongruous next to a larger property. Additionally, commercial equipment is generally designed to look better and can be specifically designed to suit your requirements.