Simple ways to bring more traffic to your site

Creating a website is a fairly simple task, but bringing traffic to it isn’t so easy. A good place to start might be to learn how to estimate traffic and then seeing if the estimation shows you anywhere you could really improve. One of the main ways to improve your search visibility is by driving relevant traffic to your site, which will hopefully convert into sales. There are many ways in which you can drive traffic to your site and increase your search visibility, but often you’ll need the help of experts, such as Click Consult PPC services, SEO and content marketing.

Specifically SEO (search engine optimization) has become a very popular way to increase the online traffic coming to your website and this is because keywords and links are being added throughout the google engine, meaning that more consumers see your link and click on your website. The more links you scatter throughout the internet the more your traffic will increase (get more info here), making it a great way to gain more business.

Top help understand ways in which you can attract users to your site; this post will explain some of the steps in more detail.


Yes, we have all thought at some points in our lives that Google+ is a failed social network that does nothing except send us random notifications. The opposite is true. Google+ is actually quite a wonderful platform for those looking for some website traffic. As the social network is Google’s very own and is designed to help the best content reach the top organically, getting some steady marketing in these circles will certainly help you in gaining some recognition on the search engine. Don’t underestimate the power of this platform. There is a reason why it still exists.

Get long tail keyword optimized content

Long tail keywords are the key to success in your business, and a ppc company auckland (or where you are from) can effectively target customers of a particular location. The more targeted these keywords, the more traffic you could get. Instead of writing ‘bakery’, you could write ‘bakery in Auckland + wedding cake specialists’. These are the kind of keywords that bring valuable search traffic and help the audience visit your website. BTW, have you ever noticed how many people are competing for the keyword ‘bakery’ as compared to a bakery in Auckland? Check Google and see the difference for yourself.

Write long posts

No matter what you post on your website, make sure that the articles are long. Just like long tail keywords, long articles are known to create better value for a website. Instead of posting 2 short articles every day, you should post longer stories, especially those more than 1500 words every second day. You can also go up to 4,000 word. Don’t worry. It may sound counterintuitive, but the truth is that high quality content written in a long essay like format always earns more eyeballs that shorter pieces.

Link everywhere

Don’t spam your audience with links. However, if there is a genuine chance of link addition in any part of your article, feel free to add it. Do not make any difference between internal or external links. If there is an amazing post that your current article can be connected to, go ahead, and do that. Just make sure that the reader finds everything relevantly linked. If he finds tons of hyperlinks in an article, he would believe he has entered an Amazon store directory and leave immediately.

These were some simple ways in which top search engine marketers create a base for awesome search marketing campaigns. While doing it yourself is a good idea, if you truly want some great rewards, get some professional help.