Six Important Reasons You Should Get Work Experience

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People often moan about doing unpaid work experience. Thinking that you deserve a huge salary the moment you graduate is naive. Everybody needs some relevant experience before they can get a job. That means that you need to be willing to work for nothing so that you can get your dream job. Finding work experience is easy. Talk to local companies and businesses to see whether they will let you work for them. If you are still unsure, here are six important reasons to gain work experience.

  1. To see whether the career suits you

You might think that you know what your dream job is, but you won’t know if it suits you until you try it. It is important that you try your hand at a job in your chosen career before you commit to it. You can read about your career on blogs, such as Researching your field is always a great idea, but you also need to experience it first hand. The idea of the job might be great, but until you try it, you won’t know what it entails.

  1. So that you gain important skills

You can gain loads of skills by undertaking a degree or a course, but real job skills come when you work in the industry. That means that you need to work within your chosen field so that you can pick up the skills you need to succeed. When you undertake a placement with a company, they will help to teach you vital career skills. The skills you learn will help you to get a job in the industry. When future employers see that you have already gained some important skills, they will want to hire you.

  1. Everybody has experience

When you apply for any role, you are fighting with hundreds of other candidates. So that you can stand-out from the crowd, you need to make sure that your CV is exceptional. The more experience you have on your CV, the more impressive you will be to a potential employer. Make sure that you gain all the experience you can so that people will consider your application.

  1. To show that you’re passionate

Finding the right career for you is all about passion. If you are passionate about a career, you need to prove it. Getting loads of work experience tells employers that you have a lust for the career. When they see that you are willing to work for free to get ahead, they will know that you are a solid candidate. Employers like people who dedicate themselves to their career.

  1. The company might hire you

If you are an amazing worker, you might find that the company you do your work experience at wants to hire you. A lot of the time, companies find future employees through work experience. You might not realise it, but when you undertake a placement, the bosses will be evaluating you and seeing whether they want to hire you. Think of your placement as a long interview and try and impress the bosses all the time.

  1. Even if they don’t hire you, you’ll get some contacts

If you don’t get a job out of your work experience, you will at least get some great contacts. The business world is all about who you know. If you have contacts who value your skill set, you will find it easy to find employment. The company might give you a reference for future employers or put you in touch with a company that needs more staff. There are many ways a company can help you, so show them that you’re worth it.

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