Some Much-Needed Perspective on the Realities of our Career Paths

The right career path is influenced by multiple factors. For some people it’s that their environment is too constrained to think outside the box. For others it’s related to finances and expectations. But for some it’s a complete lack of a good job market to allow for a well thought out career.

Trying to find a great career based on the current trend in the market is not a great career option. This is a very wrong mindset and it is something that must be stopped. Of course one can have a personal reason for not going to school, but more often than not you don’t find the best careers when you do this.

So, what do you do instead?

Maybe you have that perfect degree in hand. You have successfully completed your studies, passed all the exams, then got that coveted job in the big organisation, your dream job. Or you did the opposite and went through a real tough experience to complete your studies.

It’s better that you have no dream job than one which is horrible. The backroom staff making sure you get a great experience when trying out new online casinos would be called to justify any claims of that having been their dream job, for instance, even though it might be a high-paying one. The reason that I’m calling you a rookie is that the world of work is very tough. Even those who have some experience get job offers which are much lower than what they expect. In fact, you will see new graduates who are much more experienced than you, and they are still struggling to find their feet. They are trying to get that perfect first job, but when they see you out there on the job market they get scared, try to find the exact same job with a better title.

Some of the best jobs require you to be a rookie. You will be overqualified, and you will be working at much lower salaries, but for some companies, this is okay.

This is where the “renters” and “sharers” differ in every organisation.

The renters are those who are not very demanding. They are there because they can make a good income, their task is clear, and they need no appreciation.

The sharers are those who demand a fair salary and want to be appreciated. The renting system is okay as long as the company can deliver what it promised. In any organisation there is an undercurrent that allows for renters and sharers to survive. In our world, there is only one of these kinds of jobs: the rookie job.

Think about this…

Let’s take a world where everyone is a successful actor, or rock star, or supermodel.

If I see a young person on the job market, I know that they have absolutely no chance to get that job, because there is a whole set of veteran actors and rock stars on that market. But just as there are many of the successful actors and rock stars, there are many of those who could work in that field, but can’t.

There are many of those aspiring actors and rock stars who will give up the dream if they don’t find the job that they’re looking for. For them, the right job is the one that they’re dreaming of. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a dream job, or a simple job. For them, it’s the dream job.