Starting Your Own Web Development Business in 2018

The only reason why you might perhaps want to get hired to work as a web designer or web developer by an established web design agency/consultancy is indeed because of the fact that they are already established, which means they have a consistent stream of work coming in from an established clientele. Otherwise these days the only way to really go as a web designer is freelance or run your own agency, while some web developers choose to go the route of creating their own web-based businesses to make a profit out of the operation of or indeed to perhaps sell on for profit. In the case that you are one of those who would start working on becoming a web developer, you might want to think about consulting a business mentor to guide you through the process.

Competition is tight though and has been tight for a good decade or so now. In addition to the many, many web designers who either go through formal qualification or become good at their craft through self-teaching, we now have Content Management Systems and WYSIWYG web design platforms like WordPress, Wix, etc. Some web designers use these platforms to create websites for their clients, perhaps justifiably so too because at times you’ll get a client saying something like they want a specific WordPress template which they saw somewhere.

So, you’ll have to brace yourself for a serious battle if you want to gain some market share as the operator of a new web design business coming into the market in 2018, but by no means does this mean you won’t win at all. There are still PLENTY of opportunities for anyone seeking to make their mark as a web developer in 2018, but success requires a certain approach. It needs hard work, perseverance, and constant learning. If need be, reach out to other web design specialists (like WebCitz) and learn the ropes of how they operate.

Strategic portfolio-building

This simply entails building your portfolio of example-sites by building websites which function as online businesses. For example, if you build an e-commerce site, in addition to showing it off to a prospective client as an example of what you can do, that e-commerce site can generate you money as well.

Passing prospects through your sales-funnel

Now when you go out to sell your services you present plenty of opportunities for prospects to buy, so instead of just selling your services as a web developer, you would perhaps also offer something like a business-in-a-box type site for someone who might want to operate their own web-based business which you’ve already developed.

Working efficiently

Everything explained above as your to-market strategy for any web developer looking to gain market share in 2018 should ultimately have you defining and measuring your efficiency so that you can focus on the tasks that matter – the tasks that bring in the money. For example, having identified that an expense such as having physical meetings with prospective clients is an unnecessary one which also wastes a bit of time, perhaps using small business budget templates which are available online for free, that’s a practice you can cut out of your modus operandi completely.

Rather create something like an online order form for example, or schedule those face-to-face meetings you just cannot avoid via platforms such as Skype and other video calling software.