The benefits of security gates for your business

It’s a sad fact of life that security is a major issue for many businesses, which means that anything which improves your security can usually be seen as an investment.

At the same time, however, you generally want your business premises to look appealing rather than intimidating. After all, customers (or other legitimate visitors) are genuinely welcome there.

This usually means that you want to implement your security in a way which is fairly discrete, or at least not overtly intimidating. In addition to surveillance services from somewhere like Deep Sentinel, security gates can satisfy both of these criteria and add convenience as well.

Security gates really do add meaningful security

Security gates are very far from being just a gimmick. They combine the best of physical security with the best of digital security.

As a minimum, they switch key operation to passcode (access code) operation. This eliminates one major security vulnerability, namely physical keys, which can be mislaid, forgotten, lost or stolen, or, not to put too fine a point on it, copied with the help of a member of staff, hence the classic “inside job”.

That’s even before you account for the possibility of human error (genuine or feigned) and someone forgetting (or saying they forgot) to lock the gate. The fact that the gate entry system can be operated remotely provides extra safety for staff (and inconvenience for intruders).

Last, but by no means least, security gates can also be connected to other security systems 9such as those operated by companies like armaplex) so that further protections can be deployed automatically (again, increasing safety for staff and eliminating the potential for human error or corruption).

For example, the opening of the electric gates could act as a trigger for CCTV cameras to start filming in designated areas.

Security gates can look professional and attractive

Although some security gates are deliberately designed to be imposing (for example in ultra-high-security environments), these are the exception rather than the rule.

At this point in time, security gates are available in a wide variety of styles, from the formal and very “corporate” to the more ornate and ornamental.

In addition to looking attractive themselves, security gates can help to improve the overall appearance of your premises by making it harder for intruders to damage them, even in relatively minor ways, such as by defacing them with graffiti or leaving litter.

This in turn can reduce the time and money you have to spend on avoidable repair and maintenance.

Security gates can reduce costs and increase productivity

When gates have to be opened physically, by definition, there needs to be a member of staff on the spot to open them.

This means that either you have to leave someone in position and unable to do anything else (or at the very least unable to do anything else without interruption) or you have to send someone to the gate as and when they are required, taking up both their time and the time of the person waiting for entrance.

The fact that security gates can be opened remotely makes it much easier to integrate their management with other tasks, which can bring about major cost savings and significant improvements in productivity (and staff satisfaction).

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