The psychology tips which could help your business back on its feet post-lockdown

The past few months have been some of the most challenging that businesses in the UK have had to face for decades.The nationwide lockdown which was enforced due to COVID-19 has meant that many businesses have had to adapt where possible, or in a large number of cases, not be able to operate at all.

As the country slowly starts creating a new normal and businesses open their doors once again, the main focus will be to boost sales as much as possible in order to try and repair some of the financial damage caused over recent months.

If you’re a business owner and worried about how you’ll be able to get your business back on its feet, then Immedia want to share some effective psychology tips which can help boost sales. From the type of background music you play in store, to giving demonstrations of your products; below are a select few of the points outlined.

Use background music to your advantage

It’s no secret that music has the ability to influence how we feel and act. For example, a certain genre of music might make you happy and uplift your mood, whilst others might make you relaxed and calm; and this is no different when it comes to background music played in shops and supermarkets.

A 2011 study discovered that when background music with a lower tempo was played in supermarkets, they saw an average of 12% increase in sales. The important message to take from this is to take advantage of the background music you play. Not only should you take your business into consideration, but also the environment and type of customer you attract.

Stand for something of importance

A strong relationship between a business and its customers is key to a continued rise in sales. According to a study carried out by Harvard Business Review, 64% of customers revealed they have a strong and lasting relationship with a small number of brands, due to having shared values and interests as them.

Whether it’s creating sustainable products or supporting a local charity, it’s important to make your customers aware of the work you do which doesn’t only profit your business, but helps towards a good cause at the same time. By doing this, they will feel a connection between themselves and your business, which will help towards boosting your sales.

Show your products instead of just telling

You may often talk to a customer about one of your products, but how often do you show them? According to Knowledge Networks PDI, product demonstrations have the ability to boost sales by an impressive 475%. This is down to the fact that customers can visualise themselves using the products, instead of imagining it from what you’re explaining to them.

Product demonstrations aren’t as easy as what they once were due to COVID-19, but as long as you follow the correct measures that the government has put in place; you’ll still be able to show off some of your best products.

It’s important to understand the importance of psychology when it comes to getting your business back on its feet post-lockdown. By following simple tips such as selecting the right type of background music or creating shared values between you and your customers, means you’ll be able to put yourself on the front foot and kick-start your business after a tough few months.