The Top 3 Digital Marketing Skills to Improve On for 2016


As more and more people have devices that connect to the Internet, more and more companies are focusing on how to reach those people and get their products or services to them. For this reason, more and more companies are also interested in hiring employees who have the skills necessary to reach these large demographics. However, with online marketing trends changing so frequently, it can be hard to know just what skills will make you the most employable. To help those seeking Internet marketing jobs, here are three of the top skills you’ll want to improve upon to be competitive in the digital marketing world in 2016.

Marketing Automation

According to a survey done by Dave Chaffey of, marketing automation is projected to have the most commercial impact coming into 2016. For this reason, those who understand marketing automation and what it takes to have success in this area of digital marketing will have an easy time proving their worth to prospective employers. HubSpot shares that the keys to successful marketing automation are making your efforts scaleable and marketing to actual people. Consider beefing up these types of skills with regards to the use of marketing automation in order to be ready for next year’s demands.

Social Media Marketing

Focusing on being skilled at social media marketing will make you extremely employable to any company that understands the value a strong social presence can bring to their company. In fact, Ayaz Nanji of found that 46.7 percent of digital marketing job postings mention wanting someone with social media skills. So if you’re able to gain a firm grasp on the many different social platforms out there and understand how to best reach a target audience in those venues, you will be well suited for a prime social media marketing job in 2016.

Varied Content Marketing

While most businesses understand that content marketing is a great way to connect with your target market while setting yourself up as a relevant and informative thought leader in your industry, many don’t realize how many facets there are to content marketing. Sujan Patel, a contributor to, shares with businesses that if they want to keep their content marketing game tight for the coming year, they’re going to have to employ content marketing managers who have experience with a variety of content pieces, including video, podcasts, infographics and more. These types of content often take more time and skill to create than mere text, necessitating those who are in these positions to learn all they can about creating various forms of content for visitors and followers to consume.

By improving your ability to complete digital marketing work for marketing automation, social media and content marketing, you will have the skills you need to successfully add value to a business’s online marketing team in 2016.