The University of the People Has Opened up Worldwide Access to Higher Education

As a much-needed and direct response to the growing concern of limited worldwide access to higher education, the University of the People (UoPeople) has come in as the world’s first ever tuition-free, non-profit and fully accredited online university. Whilst it may not offer the exact same experience as a traditional university, it still results in the same level of knowledge and a globally recognised qualification. And if you still want some of the traditional uni flair, you can always visit for a cap and gown for your graduation!

Access to higher education in many places around the world has endured more than its fair share of hindering factors and has long been an area in dire need of an institution such as the University of the People. The courses on offer are of high quality too, including the likes of Associates and Bachelors degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration and the Arts.

Boasting accreditation by the Distance Education and Training Council, this private institution is also approved to operate by the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education. This means that Business Administration, Computer Science and Arts & Sciences graduates of the UoPeople come away from their online studies with the peace of mind of knowing that their qualifications are recognized and relevant. In this way students from all over the world are no longer denied the opportunity to further their development, with higher education studies, as a result of financial constraints or geographic location.

While tuition is indeed free, in order for a private institution such as UoPeople to continue on its terrace of becoming a leader in global higher education, the administrative process inevitably carries some very small fees. The University of the People charges a small Application Processing Fee which ranges from $10-$50, with the final assessed such fee dependent on two key factors, those being the applicant’s geographic location as well as the associated University Grant provided. This modest application fee is essentially what sustains the UoPeople and is thus justifiably non-refundable. In addition to the Application Processing Fee, a non-refundable Exam Processing Fee applies for each exam taken, coming in at only $100 per end-of-course exam.

These comparatively very small fees associated with getting qualified through UoPeople make access to quality, accredited higher education much more practical and the convenient virtual address, in conjunction with the absence of tuition fees, ensures that anyone with a desire to advance academically can do so with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. No buildings, trees or any physical brick-and-mortar lecture rooms means that there are no unnecessary fees, as would otherwise be the norm and students benefit from getting grouped in classes as a reflection of their performance and progress.

Bearing in mind that there are no charges for taking classes, reading or study materials, the total costs associated with completing one’s Associate or Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, for example, would amount to an estimation of between nothing (UoPeople has a dedicated Scholarship & Grant Program which may go all the way to offer complete financial aid to prospective students with the most need) and $2450, based on the following breakdown:

-Up to $50 for the Application Processing Fee (minimum $10)

-Up to $2400 for a total of 24 courses at $100 per course examination fee

This estimation example applies to any student of the University of the People who would be proceeding to complete their first degree in Computer Science and the $2400 total end-of-course exam fee estimate covers examinations for current Computer Science courses which include Programming Fundamentals, Programming 1 & 2, Computer Systems, Databases 1 & 2, Communications and Networking, Calculus, Web Programming 1 & 2, Operating Systems 1 & 2, Software Engineering 1 & 2, Comparative Programming Languages, Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Information Retrieval, Advanced Networking and Data Security, Mobile Applications, Computer Graphics, Data Mining & Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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