Things You Must Know Before A Marketing Interview With a Print Company

You’ve landed an interview for a marketing position with a print company – now comes the preparation. How should you get ready? Here are 5 things you must know before your interview with a print company, from the leading printing agency Mixam.

The Facts About the Company

Ideally, you’ve done some research on the printing industry and the companies you’ve applied to before they’ve contacted you for an interview. But now that you have landed that interview, it’s time to dig deeper into the company. Read up on their mission statement, goals, history, services, locations, and any other information you can find. They’re a printing agency, but what do they specialise in? Booklets, catalogues, or even saddle stitch booklets?

The company website is a great place to start, especially if they have a blog. You could also look through their LinkedIn profile page, to get a sense of how many employees they have and the positions they fill. Don’t just rely on information the company puts out itself, either. Checking their website and social media pages is great for understanding their voice and values, but reviews of the company can be just as illuminating. Reading customer reviews of their printing products also sets you up for marketing success before you’re even offered the job – you gain insight into what’s working for the print company and what’s not.

Who Your Professional References Are

Never go into an interview for a marketing position without a list of professional references, no matter the industry. You should have a list of at least 3-4 names that can speak to your experience in either the marketing or printing fields. Your references could be people from previous jobs or traineeships, whether supervisors or colleagues.

It’s also wise to let your references know that you’re including their names on your list. A quick email or call before the interview is a courtesy to them, plus you can remind them of some of your significant accomplishments while doing so. By reaching out first, you ensure your references are prepared to speak on your behalf.

Which Questions to Ask

You should also go into a job interview with a print company with questions in hand. As you research the company, try to come up with meaningful questions about their work and your prospective position as their marketer. Your interviewer will likely go over these things, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Ask questions that are of genuine interest to you, that you’d really want to have answered if you worked there. Do they only specialise in booklet and catalog printing or do they complete other projects? Who are their biggest clients? What does a typical working day in their office look like? Who will be your team members, and what is their collaboration style? What do they envision for future marketing efforts? Imagine questions that can’t be answered just by looking online, going from general company questions to more role-specific questions.

How to Prove Your Experience with Examples

For a marketing position, you’ll have to show examples of your work. If you have a portfolio of clients you’ve successfully marketed for, bring it with you. If you have examples of content writing you did or ad campaigns you managed, bring those too. Whatever marketing experience you have, go to the interview with the tangible results of your past success.

If you have past experience in the print industry that’s even more valuable – but don’t stress if you don’t. Your prospective employer will want to see you have the marketing chops for their agency; you can demonstrate your interest in the print agency by doing your research.

When to Send a Thank-You Note

Sending a thank-you note comes after the interview, but you should still prepare to send it nonetheless. Set a reminder for yourself after the interview to send it. Don’t wait longer than 24 hours, and make it a handwritten note if you can. Even though most of the business world has gone digital, handwritten cards are still appreciated – especially by the printing industry!

And avoid sending a note on one of the printing company’s products. Some may take it as flattering but others might think it’s desperate or trying too hard, so best play it safe.

Final Thoughts on Things to Know Before a Marketing Interview with a Print Company

Approaching the interview preparation methodically like this will not only help your chances but may also help calm your nerves. If you keep these 5 tips in mind whilst preparing for your interview, you’re much more likely to nail it.

Author Bio:

Adam Smith lives a life of swashbuckling adventure at Mixam – a little print company with big ambitions! Adam writes for and about Mixam with the mission of helping designers and entrepreneurs make the right decisions when printing, and avoid costly mistakes.