Top Four Unconventional Careers for Graduates With A Law Degree

The career of lawyer has long been viewed as an admirable profession. While some of this respect is garnered due to the substantial salary, many others respect them due to their ability to spur global and social change. For those with a law degree, the diverse amount of work available to you is nearly endless. While it can be wise to work for a larger corporation after college to pay off your loans, within a few years you can pursue any specialty you like.

Graduate receiving diploma, Close-up of hands

Many individuals get involved with law because it is high-paying, respectable, and promises to be influential in doing good for the world. While there are hard-hitting environmental lawyers, there are also lawyers who affect change on a smaller scale. For example, bankruptcy lawyers work to help families become financially stable and recover from debts. They will assess your financial situation and provide dependable advice concerning insolvency and options, such as loan modifications. One must bear in mind that this field of law is one of specialization, and thus, expert bankruptcy lawyers Pennsylvania or other U.S state (of your residence) should be looked at while considering a consultation.

Included below are a few less-conventional careers for graduates with law degrees.

Foreign Service Officer

For those with a law degree who feel they are not doing enough to implement social change, working as a foreign service officer may be just the career you desire. Foreign service officers work overseas as diplomats of the U.S. to help implement foreign policy. The pay is low, only in the $50,000s to begin, but the intrinsic rewards are great!

Law Librarian

If you love the research and study aspect of law, working as a law librarian may be the perfect job. Hours are good, and you may get generous vacation time, with earnings range from $47,000-$90,000. Law librarians are responsible for staying up-to-date on research and new legal developments in order to keep their libraries relevant. The work is not as high paying or fast-paced as what you would see in Big Law; but, for those seeking the calmer environment, it is ideal!


While breaking up fights is not everyone’s cup of tea, some people live to bring peace to other people’s conflicts. Working as a mediator involves resolving conflicts of interest between private parties and large corporations. Mediators are always a necessary profession, as the parties involved want to avoid the high cost of a court litigation. Mediators earn upwards of $90,000, which is a good payout if you can handle the stress of daily conflict.

Jury Consultant

Perhaps one of the best jobs in the law profession is that of jury consultant. This individual works in the jury selection process to ensure partiality and a fair trial. Jury consultants make upwards of $115,000 per year and enjoy extensive travel. They must have great people skills, a good understanding of human behavior, and be able to keep up with the demanding fast-paced environment.