Top Skills for Success in Business

To succeed in the business world professionals require key skills. Like most things, these can be learned.

Time Management & Delegation

Being organised and prioritising important tasks and deadlines is vital to stay on top of a busy workload and perform to the best of your ability. A large part of handling stress in demanding periods is managing and delegating time. Without good time management, people can find themselves falling behind and not meeting targets.


Being assertive helps you earn the respect of your colleagues and clients. Business professionals should be prepared to state their needs and points assertively and confidently, using the right language and tone of voice. With their specialised courses on how to negotiate, The Gap Partnership are experts at in assertiveness.



This is a key skill in any aspect of life, but particularly in the workplace. People who project confidence create success for themselves and inspire others. Moreover it’s helpful in almost every business situation – when presenting to your Chief Executive, brokering a deal with a client, or handling an issue with a colleague in a positive way.

Building Relationships

Relationships are the essence of business. When people lack respect for a colleague, business is undermined. Having the ability to work with people is a skill in itself. It’s therefore even more important to learn to build supportive inter-working relationships in the workplace.


This is one of the most important skills at a corporate level. To be successful as a corporate professional, you’ll have to Consider different solutions to negotiation challenges. If business professionals can’t negotiate, it puts their company at a big disadvantage. Good negotiation is a combination of several skills: listening, communicating, understanding, compromising – and more listening! It’s important to remember that listening is not confined to what people say, but their body language too. Negotiation training and courses are one way to get ahead of your competitors, secure that big deal or win a client.


Media Literacy & Technology Understanding

The rise of social media has big implications for business. Rewards beckon for those who can harness its power. Technological advances are making business faster and more global. Video-conferencing, for example, is a key feature of communication in today’s workplace. A confident professional will know how to present themselves on new media. Training will help you develop the right skills needed to succeed at this and other skills in the world of business today.