The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Career In The Catering Industry

The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Career In The Catering Industry

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Working in the catering industry can be very rewarding, especially if you manage to climb the ladder, and one day become a head chef or manager. For that reason, I’m going to spend some time this afternoon setting out a clear path for you to follow. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend years at university to get involved with this industry, and most of your training can be done whilst in full time employment. With that in mind, get yourself comfortable, and we’ll begin…

I’ve had many different jobs over the years, but recently I decided to start my very own catering firm, and that’s why I’m such an authority on the issue. While it might have taken me a while to find my feet, this endeavor is proving to be one of the most lucrative I’ve ever come across, and it could be the same for you. At the end of the day, working for a catering specialist is all well and good, but if you apply yourself and obtain all the necessary skills, you could start your own business in the near future, and that’s where the big money lies.

The education bit

As I mentioned a moment ago, most people chose to get their catering training whilst working for a specialist company as a sous chef or something similar. This is regarded as the best route to take. However, there are plenty of higher education courses at colleges up and down the country if you’d like to seek employment at a higher level straight away. Just make sure you don’t opt for one of those silly catering and travel qualifications, as you won’t learn anything worthwhile using that method.

The training bit

Now you’re qualified (or you at least know a little about food), finding work should be simple. Just check all the most relevant job sites on a daily basis until you see advertisements worth applying for. Obviously, you’ll need to start at the bottom, and so most employment solutions will only offer you the minimum wage. That said; you’ll get training from the most experienced people in the industry using some of the most advanced cooking technology like sanitary mixers, and so this is something you’ll just have to put up with. So long as you have the right attitude, and you learn quickly, moving up the ladder should be simple.

Becoming a head chef

The end goal for anyone working for a catering firm is to become the head chef. This may be difficult as you’ll have to know a lot about management too, but anyone can achieve it if they have the motivation. You’ll be expected to go above and beyond when offered a position like this. So, make sure you’re ready to work long hours and take on more responsibilities. The job itself can be very stressful, so ensure you’re ready for that.

Having read through this short guide, you should be ready to go out and start making inquiries. Good luck with that, I’m sure you’ll achieve your goals very soon indeed!