Using Motivation To Enhance Career Possibilities After Negative Events

Bad stuff happens. It’s part of life. You wouldn’t have the good if you didn’t have the negative things to compare those events with. But, when it comes to career possibilities, there are consequences for some of the things that adults run into. And though it may seem extremely difficult to get back on the right path, it is possible with the right motivation.


So, if you’ve been through drug addiction, bankruptcy, divorce, tragedy, or just bad luck, sometimes the beginning of the next step of your career path is just one motivational step away. Optimism is a good start, but then you have to get into the more practical matters at hand.

After Drug Addiction

If you’ve been through a drug addiction, especially one that’s on your medical or legal records, it may be tough to hop back on the horse and try to get a job that can get you back on the path to success. However, there are rehab clinics that offer motivational interviewing that can be just the ticket that a person needs to understand that presentation is still going to be an integral part of their professional goals.

After Bankruptcy

Claiming bankruptcy can be the only choice that you have in many circumstances, and you can feel extremely depressed having to deal with the fallout, especially professionally. However, if you find some financial motivation, even something as simple as saving a percentage of your income incrementally over a period of time, that can be the self-styled kick in the butt to get you moving again. Bankruptcy isn’t the end of the world, even if you feel like it is, so look over your options carefully, and then decide that the glass is half full.

After Divorce

Though a divorce shouldn’t necessarily affect your career, for many people, that change in social position and amount of time and energy spent can really force the issue. If you find yourself depressed and in this situation, look for motivation aimed toward single people to find the energy that you need to keep going toward your financial goals. Of course, you may also want to couple this with a treatment for depression like therapy or perhaps CBD oil (which you can learn more about on the CFAH website). The reason for this is because finding a motivation may be enough to get you back on track after this situation, but it may not fully address the depression, meaning a re-lapse could be just round the corner.

After Tragedy

Tragedies can strike. you can get laid off. People close to you can pass away. Homes can be destroyed. Jobs can dry up in an area. And you can suffer through the indignities of the catastrophe, mope around and feel sorry for yourself, or you can pull yourself up by your mental bootstraps and find the motivation all around you to continue. Many people use some type of spiritual impetus to give them exactly the energy needed to keep searching for their perfect position.

After Bad Luck

Bad luck sits right in the middle of the mix as well. And because of bad luck, someone else can get promoted instead of you. Or what you thought would be a sure professional thing suddenly won’t seem so likely. To combat the unlucky, sometimes you just have to make your own luck by meditating on positivity.