How a well planned office desk can boost your productivity

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The humble office desk. These mainstays of the working environment are easy to take for granted. However, the way in which you organize your desk can have a profound impact on performance which includes using desk partitions that can aid with keeping your space tidy and safe. If you suspect your approach to worktop planning may need a rethink, take a look at these simple yet effective suggestions.

Size up potential desks

First things first, it’s vital that you purchase the right desk, so be mindful when choosing the office furniture. One of the most important attributes of these products is the surface space they offer. The plain fact is, when it comes to office desks, size really does matter. Like most people, you may be limited in terms of the square footage available to you, meaning you can’t simply go for the biggest product available. However, it’s important that the item you choose offers enough space. It must comfortably accommodate the technology you use, as well as any relevant stationery and paperwork.

Having sufficient room to manoeuvre will help ensure you’re able to concentrate on your tasks without getting frustrated and uncomfortable. Ultimately, this is good news in terms of your output.

Get suitable storage

The next thing to think about is storage. Some desks feature inbuilt storage capacity, but if yours doesn’t, it may be worth investing in cabinets that can slide underneath. Even in today’s digital age, paperwork can quickly pile up and if you don’t have the means to house it in an organised fashion, problems will quickly arise.

Searching through mounds of paperwork strewn across your desks could slow you down significantly and send your stress levels soaring. In contrast, by ensuring you have a designated place for all your documents and other items, you can avoid these panic-inducing hunts.

Clear clutter and stay tidy

Always keep your desks tidy too. It can be tempting to put this task off, especially when you’re busy. However, if you do it on a regular basis, you can keep things in check and ensure you have a workspace that’s clear of clutter. To help you keep things in check, it’s worth investing in a desk organiser. These items come in a range of sizes and styles, meaning you won’t struggle to find one that suits your needs.

Clean Desk Clutter

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Also, don’t be tempted to crowd your worktop with too many personal items. The odd photo or stress toy is one thing, but overloading the area with an array of unnecessary objects could prove disastrous for your productivity. As well as being distracting, these things could get in the way.

Stock up on stationery

If you’re to work efficiently, you’ll need all the relevant stationery at your disposal. This is why it pays off to stock your modern desk with staplers, pens, paper, and any other items you might need. Being able to reach these resources without having to stand up and move around your office will save you precious time.

By putting some careful thought into your desk planning and following tips like these, you may be able to boost your productivity and cut your stress levels.