What Car-related Businesses Are There?

Car-related businesses are a lucrative, exciting field. In the car trade industry, car dealerships are among the most common car-related business types. This type of dealership is where you can buy or sell new and used cars for profit. Dealerships also typically offer car parts and car services to help maintain vehicles (e.g., oil changes, car washes, etc.).

Whatever car-related business you might be thinking of setting up, it is important to consider insurance for it. Let us then think about some of the other different situations where motor trade insurance will be required.

Auto Body Shop

These businesses are responsible for repairing damaged car bodies and painting them to match the rest of the car. Many auto body shops also offer car detailing services, which clean and polish the inside and outside of a car to make it look new.

  • Vehicle servicing

Servicing cars is a business a qualified mechanic might start. It can be as simple as opening your car workshop, or you could get more creative and offer other kinds of vehicle services to earn extra. Because vehicles need to be serviced regularly this does create some guaranteed work as opposed to repairing vehicles damaged in accidents when it is more unpredictable as to when it is required. Services are an important part of owning a car because proof that the vehicle was serviced regularly will help maintain its resale value.

  • MOTs

MOTs, or motor vehicle inspections, are a vital part of car ownership in the UK. All cars over three years old must undergo an MOT test every 12 months to ensure that they are road-worthy. Failing an MOT can result in costly repairs, so it’s important to make sure your car is regularly checked by a qualified mechanic.

Car Wash

A car wash is a service that cleans the exterior of a car. Car washes can be drive-through or hand car washes. Many car washes also offer car detailing services.

These kinds of services can be an extension of other garage services offered or stand-alone services. They can be mobile or from set premises.

Towing Company

Towing companies provide a service to tow vehicles that are broken down or have been in an accident. These kinds of companies typically have a fleet of tow trucks that they use to tow cars.

It is an invaluable service to those who break down, whether it is mechanical failure or as a result of an accident. This service provides much additional work to a garage when the repairs of that vehicle towed in are required. Also, that customer will remember the service when it comes to needing other vehicle-related jobs done.


One car-related business that is always in demand is car valets. A car valet service can be a great way to make some extra money, and it’s a business that is relatively easy to get started. There are a few things you will need to do to launch your car valet business, such as securing premises and getting insurance.

Businesses that will make use of car valets include taxi services that rely on their cars being clean to provide a professional service to their customers. Also, private individuals who do not have the time or the desire to clean their cars.

Again, it can be an add-on service by a garage or something that is offered as the only thing that a business offers.

These are only some examples of car-related businesses where motor trade insurance would be required. You might need other types of insurance as well depending on the car-related business you want to set up. Consider all your options and make sure to get insured before starting your car-related business!