What does your workplace tech say about you?

In the world of work, technology plays a vital role. Between making important phone calls, checking emails and arranging meetings, the gadgets and gizmos you use in the office can speak volumes about your character and individuality. So, read on to suss out what your workplace tech says about you.


Professional edge

If you live and breathe to work and your resume is a piece of perfection, it’s likely your office tech is a true representation of your commitment to your career too. Whether it’s the latest smartphone, tablet or laptop, you’re probably the first of your colleagues to get your hands on the most up-to-date pieces of kit. From responding to critical emails to planning your next business meeting, you’re a gadget savvy enthusiast who uses technology to get you through your working day. You don’t compromise on style either. For example, it’s likely you’re careful to dress your phone in a cover that exudes nothing but professionalism, such as the vintage leather phone cases from Alston Craig. Sleek, sophisticated and suave, your personal tech does well to capture your true work ethic.

Laidback vibe

If you have more of a laidback approach when it comes to your work, it’s likely your tech reflects this too. You’re probably not fussed when it comes to the make of your smartphone or the model of your tablet , however the chances are you still take pride in looking after your work-related gadgets and gizmos. From a colourful, novelty phone cover to a quirky laptop case, your workplace tech is likely to be protected yet customised to suit your unique personality and taste. If your electronic devices do the job, you’re probably more than content with what you’ve got.

Anything goes attitude

A more relaxed outlook in regards to your job often results in a similar stance when it comes to your tech. If you fall into this category, you’re probably the type of person who thinks nothing of a cracked phone screen or scuffed tablet case and it’s likely your gadgets aren’t even suitably protected. While your carefree attitude may come across as endearing, it might not be quite enough to impress in the world of work. So, to turn heads in the office, you could make more of an effort to sharpen up your tech tactics.

Whether you’re serious or slack, your workplace tech may have more to say about you than you realise.