What is the Ministry of Defences ELC Scheme?

Serving in the Armed Forces is an honourable and important profession. The Ministry of Defenceis dedicated to providing the best possible education and support for its members and it is with this is in mind that the Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme was developed.

What is the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service?

Phil from Gastec Training, a leading provider in utility training, said“”ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits Administrative Services) is a program that was developed to give armed service personnel a track to a new career once they leave the service of the Ministry of Defence.” ELCASfunding provides this support through a financial reimbursement program with Enhanced Learning Credits.

What is the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC)?

The Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme is a program that was designed to encourage Armed Service Members in the UK to be excited about the prospect of continued education and to prepare for life after service. It promotes lifelong learning among members of the armed forces by providing the proper support and funding that can be used to train and be educated in several careers with high demand in the UK.

How Much Financial Support is Provided?

The financial support that is provided through the ELC is dependent on the time in which a member has served. The first tier is reserved for those who have served between 6-8 years in the Armed Forces. For this level of service, members will be provided with up to £1000 in funds to cover their educational tuition and costs.

The second tier is reserved for those that have served over 8 years in the military (all after the years of 200 to be eligible), they will be provided up to £2000 in reimbursement for courses and education.

The program is meant to be paid out at an 80%-20% rate which means that as a member, you are responsible for paying 20% of the cost and the remainder (up to either £1000 or £2000, depending on the length of your service) will be covered by the ELC Scheme.

For example, if a service member who had served 9 years, which would put them in the second tier of reimbursement, took a course in NDT (non-destructive testing) and the cost of the course was £1500, they would pay £300 and the remainder would be paid by the ELC Scheme. If that same course was taken by a member who had served 7 years and was in the first tier, they would be required to pay £500, and the remainder would be paid by the ELC Scheme.

ELCAS funding is available for service members for up to 3 separate financial years of education. The courses must be claimed with a claim authorization note, all of which is filed on the ELCAS website.

What Type of Training Courses are Covered?

Many different exciting fields of work are available to service members when they leave the military and the ELCAS program is designed to prepare them for that future. Courses that are Level 3 and over on the National Qualification Framework are covered. This includes careers in management, sports, education, business, social work, construction and many more. The course evaluation is determined by the ELCAS guidelines and can be viewed on the ELCAS website.

Service Members Deserve to Be Prepared for Life After Service

The UK owes its safety and freedom to its Armed Forces and the ELCAS program is designed to reward them for that service and prepare them for the next stage of their life as they step back into the civilian role.