What should you look for in your office seating?

Good quality seating is a must in offices, so when you’re stocking up on these workplace essentials, it’s worth putting some time and effort into finding the best possible products. To help ensure you end up with the right chairs, it’s worth considering the following key criteria.


Safe and comfortable

Many of us now spend long hours at our workstations. Highlighting this fact, a Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey suggested that more than 80 per cent of while-collar workers in the UK are racking up 40-hour weeks, while almost a third of these people are putting in over 50 hours a week. Sitting for long periods can take its toll on the body and unsuitable seating compounds this problem. It can lead to poor posture, which in turn results in upper limb disorders and back pain.

To reduce the risk that your employees will experience these problems, it’s important to provide safe and comfortable office chairs. Your seats should be big enough to comfortably accommodate all users and they should be deep enough to support the legs of tall members of staff. Also, chairs should be well padded and have rounded front edges. This will help ensure they don’t dig into users’ thighs. Effective backrests that give firm support to the middle and lower sections of the back are crucial features too. Ideally, these furnishings will be height adjustable so that your workers can set them at a level that allows them to put their feet squarely on the floor. If you don’t opt for adjustable designs, make sure you provide footrests to any personnel who may need them.

Choosing safe, comfortable seating for your staff members is vital if you’re to protect their wellbeing and maintain worker morale.

Stylish and in line with your brand message

Of course, it’s not only practicality that counts when you’re picking out the best possible chairs; style matters too. Your seating should enhance the aesthetics of your workplace and reflect your company’s brand message. Perhaps traditional looking leather chairs would suit your corporate image best, or maybe you’d prefer to go for more colourful, unusual designs. Regardless of the look you’re trying to create, make sure your chairs have a high-quality look and finish. This is paramount if you’re to impress your personnel and any visitors to your premises.

Value for money

Last but not least, consider value for money. It’s possible to spend a small fortune on furniture for your office, but as long as you know where to look, you should be able to find affordable products that match your style and comfort criteria. If you’re purchasing a large number of chairs, shopping around for the best deals could save you a significant amount of money.

As long as you have a clear idea of the sort of seating you’re after for your office, you should succeed in finding the best possible designs.