Why a job as a field representative may be for you

If you’re looking for a new career direction, or you’re keen to get your first job, a role as a field sales representative could be ideal. Here are just a few of the reasons why many savvy jobseekers are keen to land these direct sales positions.

Regular training opportunities

Unlike in many other jobs, as a field representative you will receive regular training opportunities. In order to succeed in your role, you’ll need to be well versed in the products or services you are selling. This means it’s very much in the interests of your managers to ensure you benefit from regular and thorough training sessions. As well as being provided with in-depth information concerning the products and services you deal with, you will be advised on effective sales and communication techniques. Highlighting this point, direct marketing specialists like Appco Group provide daily coaching and team meetings to ensure the self employed field representatives in their door-to-door sales network are up to speed.


As well as helping you to perform your role, many of the skills you pick up in these training sessions will be transferable and will enhance your CV if and when you seek other work further down the line.

Varied and interesting working days

Another major benefit of these roles is the fact that they are so varied. Rather than working in an office every day, you’ll be out and about interacting with a range of different people. The precise nature of your working day will of course depend on the particular role you take, but often these positions involve a mixture of training and meetings, travelling and speaking to potential customers.

There are also plenty of opportunities to progress. If your sales levels are high and you demonstrate your dedication to your role, you may well find that you have the chance to progress into more senior roles that see you mentor and manage other field representatives.


Earn according to your effort and ability

Then there is money to consider. If you’re a hard worker and you’re skilled in sales, you can benefit from impressive earnings. Unlike in many other jobs where ability and effort can go unappreciated, your graft will be rewarded. These roles are results orientated and by meeting or exceeding your targets, you can bring in considerable sums of money.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with being a field representative. If you think this could be the career for you, now’s the time to take action. By seeking these roles, you can start a new and exciting chapter in your working life.