Why Are More & More Businesses Converting To The Cloud?

Companies now have more data than ever, and it’s essential to keep all this important information safe. Rather than save these things locally, for example, on an on-site server, more and more businesses are moving things to the cloud, meaning that they will need businesses like Mirantis to assist with managing various cloud platforms as things are stored on a huge network of remote servers. You’ve no doubt heard of this technology, but why should your company adopt it?



The upkeep of your own server and the associated security can be expensive. Therefore, using cloud computing can save you money, and there are many firms battling for your business, so you can get the best price possible. Many larger companies are adopting the cloud because they know just how much it can save them, but it’s also cost-effective for smaller companies. It’s worth doing a side by side cost comparison, as this is the easiest way to decide whether the cloud is for you.


Hackers are more of a risk than ever, and companies want to assure potential clients that their data is as secure as possible. For many businesses, this can be very expensive, as they may need dedicated IT professionals, and will need to constantly monitor what’s going on to check for potential breaches. By using a dedicated cloud provider, you can be sure that your security is a top priority, and that customer data is well looked after. Cloud service providers often have a strong Cyber Security Strategy in place that takes into account all of the hosting servers, networks, and infrastructure, to ensure that business data is kept safe from hackers and other unexpected disruptions.

More space

Putting files in the cloud means you free up loads of space, and with so many more files needed by most businesses, the extra storage space can be extremely useful. Cloud migration is the process of moving data, and this frees up local space for everyday use. Rather than deleting older files that you might need in future, simply move them to the cloud, and you’ll be able to retrieve them if needed.


If visitors come to your site and find that it’s down, they aren’t going to wait around. Downtime means they go to your competitors, and that’s money walking out the door. Using the reliable remote servers of the cloud means that you don’t have to worry about downtime, as maintenance issues are dealt with quickly by the professionals. It’s a good idea to look at the amount of uptime a cloud provider offers versus the cost of their service to find the right provider for you.


One advantage of using the cloud is the ability to centralise everything. It means that people can access data remotely, and you can consolidate data from lots of different centres. It makes your company more virtual, and helps your employees work more efficiently in the modern world.

The cloud has so many advantages for companies of all sizes, from cost to reliability, and it can take some of the stress off of your IT department. You can keep uptime high and keep all your files together, and there are many other great features you could use to help your business.