Why it may be time to rethink your businesses cleaning regime

Whether you run a shop, restaurant or office space, cleaning the environment around you should always be a top priority. Most public places like the ones we’ve just mentioned will often complete numerous cleaning tasks everyday, whether that be disinfecting surfaces or mopping laminate or tiled floors, before carrying out a deep clean every so often. Although this is the case for many public places, it looks like your cleaning regime may need to be stepped up a level, regardless of whether you decide to opt to do it yourself or choose to hire a firm similar to this commercial cleaning company.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 bringing the UK to a halt only a matter of months ago, many businesses are now trying to get back on their feet and welcome employees and customers back, to try and regain some form of normality. As many of the nation are still extremely cautious about venturing out in public, it’s crucial that businesses use their cleaning regime to reassure both their employees and customers that you’re doing all you can to provide a clean and safe environment.

To help you understand the importance of cleaning in the post-pandemic era and the different levels that can be carried out, Ideal Response have created an infographic which shares some information on the most reliable cleaning methods available. Below are a few you may want to consider for your business.

Deep cleaning

A deep clean should be carried out in all public places and working environments as often as possible. The process involves cleaning all items and surfaces within any given area. For example, a deep clean in the main eating area of a restaurant would involve the tables, chairs and menus all being thoroughly cleaned, as well as other similar items. More importantly, a restaurant needs to clean its kitchen which is why they often outsource some cleaning to companies that specialize in Commercial Hood Cleaning in Amarillo, TX, for example, to make sure that thier kitchens are clean to cook in. Deep cleaning means areas where dirt and dust are likely to build can be eliminated and the likelihood of germs and bacteria developing are very slim. Although deep cleans should be carried out anyway, it’s now crucial you step your deep cleans up a level. This isn’t just for bacteria remains needing clearing from the surfaces, but food remains that are left for long periods of time attract pests. Companies that offer pest control melbourne way, such as Pest Control Experts and many more, are called to premises that have infestations as a result of food crumbs being left. By doing regular deep cleans, you can reduce the risk of needing pest control services to come and deal with issues at the premises.

Hygiene cleaning

With hygiene now as important as ever, it’s essential that your business considers hygiene cleaning once your everyday routine has been carried out. Hygiene cleaning involves a spectrum antimicrobial cleaning product being applied to areas where many people come into contact with. For example, door handles are used frequently throughout the day, as well as card machines if your business uses them to make customer transactions. Hygiene cleaning is one of the best ways to make sure specific areas of your business are kept as clean as possible.


In a small number of cases, public areas may see an outbreak of hazardous substances, virus or bacteria. To make this relatable to the current period, a place of work may be faced with an outbreak of COVID-19. If this happens, then the virus needs to be detected and removed by a decontamination process. Professionals wearing suitable PPE will carry out before and after swab tests to see how successful the decontamination has been. Once the results have been finalised, it’s more than likely a product such as electrostatic spray will be used to protect surfaces and other areas with lasting protection against any further outbreaks.

Understanding the different levels of cleaning has never been so important. With COVID-19 threatening the future of businesses across the world, it’s vital you do all you can to make sure your place of work is kept as safe as possible, for both your employees and customers.