Why silk is the best material to choose for your ties

Whilst there are many materials you can choose for your ties, silk is by far the best. Whether you are buying for your business, club or school; here’s why you should choose silk.

  1. It makes you look great

Silk looks expensive and has a sense of luxury surrounding it. This makes you look wealthier and in turn absolutely astonishing.

  • Higher quality

Silk ties are generally higher quality and are made with precision care. They also look much more well-made and finished.

  • You’ll feel like a super star

Not only do silk ties make you look dashing, but they make you feel it too. Knowing you are wearing a silk tie gives you a confidence boost and so do the compliments you’ll be getting!

Make sure you care for your silk tie correctly

Silk ties are delicate and need to be cared for correctly. If you don’t follow advised instructions you run the risk of permanently damaging your tie and having to replace it entirely, so make sure you do as advised.

The main rule is not to wash your tie with water and that you take it to the dry cleaners or gently wash dirty parts with rubbing alcohol and always dab off excess oils and food etc beforehand with a dry cloth.

Always ask the tie manufacturer how they recommend you clean their ties.